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    The challenge of reflecting the people (+ Photos)

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    El reto de reflejar al pueblo(+Fotos)

    After 45 years, Lorenzo Fernández Martínez constitutes a living memory of the founding process and the trajectory of the government system created by the initiative of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, as a genuine expression of the democratic character of the Socialist Revolution.

    Literacy worker, disciple of the Association of Young Rebels, part of the Communist Party of Cuba, barely 26 years old, and a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, he inspired all the confidence that the residents of Circumscription No. 22, of the South Popular Council, in the municipality of Morón, elected him as their representative to the Government.

    The election of the delegates to the municipal assemblies of People's Power ― he recalls ― was a novel event, despite knowing the experience in the province of Matanzas, where by Law No. 1269 of the Council of Ministers, dated May 3, 1974, it was approved to establish as an experiment, through elections, the local government bodies.

    The results were evaluated as positive in the First Congress of the PCC and, in 1976; this practice was extended to the entire country, in a favorable socio-political and economic situation, due to the strength of the ideological political work in the workplace and neighborhoods, where study circles were held.

    The existing relations with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the integration into the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CAME) offered facilities for the delivery of resources destined to solve the problems of the population.

    Fernández Martínez was one of the more than 14 000 delegates elected in the country on October 10, 1976 and is included among the 19 who can currently recapitulate moments such as the formation of the municipal assemblies of People's Power, which occurred at the end of the tenth month of the year itself.

    At 9:00 am, the constitution of local government structures took place throughout the country and, in Morón, it happened in the building that today occupies the House of Culture, where practices were carried out five or six days before. The constituent was chaired by the youngest and oldest delegates.

    Lenin Fernández Reyes was elected as President of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power and, by decision of the electors, he remained in that position for two consecutive terms, until he became the First Secretary of the PCC Committee in the locality.

    At that date ―he added ― there was no Municipal Administration Council, it was an Executive Committee that in the territory, due to the number of inhabitants, was made up of six professional and seven non-professional members; all had to be delegates, it was an indispensable requirement.

    El reto de reflejar al pueblo(+Fotos)

    Martínez holds the conditions of Illustrious Son of the province of Ciego de Ávila and the municipality of Morón.

    The territory, at that date, was made up of 46 districts - mostly run by people over 40 years of age - and there were some special ones in the Eulogio Fernández high school and the Youth Army of Labor unit.

    Since then, Morón has had 11 presidents in the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, with whom he has had the opportunity to bond by remaining as a delegate, uninterruptedly, for 17 terms of mandate. The local authorities have always professed respect and admiration for him.

    When Lorenzo enters the meeting, it is said that the professor or teacher arrived, it is one of the "honorary titles" conferred by his people, as just recognition of his performance and his willingness to share the knowledge accumulated during four and a half decades.

    The system of People's Power is not learned in two days or in one mandate,” he affirms, and also shares the Martian maxim thought that has guided: “The government of the peoples is a commission and only those who reflect peoples’ interests can govern them.”

    This is what he has wanted to do for all these years: reflect his people, defend popular rights with revolutionary honor.

    For him, it is an honor and pride to have been able to go through the different stages of the Cuban government system and learned to work with the population. In such a way, he has achieved the insertion of voters in the solution to the problems of the community and the integration of all the factors represented in its demarcation.

    They have this experience in their neighborhood and it is strengthened in the current circumstances with integrated community work, as one of the essences in the improvement of the local organs of People's Power.

    El reto de reflejar al pueblo(+Fotos)

    This founding delegate also owns the model of Simón Reyes' machete, given as a symbol to distinguished personalities and institutions by the Provincial Government of Ciego de Ávila.

    Going back to the past, he remembers that in the early years the work of the community was based on theoretical experiences of scientists from the capital, but ―sure, with the greatest respect and without disregarding the academic results―, that it was practice that indicated the effective way of resolve neighborhood issues.

    The essence of this formula - he stressed - is the unity between the political and mass organizations, the identification of the leaders and the potentialities of the cohabitants, the use of the knowledge of the people, the collective wisdom and the teamwork.

    Lorenzo alone would not have been able to cope with the multiple social problems that have arisen as a result of the path of meteorological phenomena. Difficulties accentuated in a low area where floods are frequent in periods of rain and there have been dark experiences such as the passage of strong hurricanes such as the Kate, in 1985, and Irma in 2017.

    His knowledge about the place, where he has resided since he was nine years old, and his leadership qualities have allowed him to lead the more than 1,000 inhabitants of his area, of which 685 are voters, with whom he maintains excellent relationships.

    The delegate, states, in addition to possess social, political and moral conditions, which are fundamental, he has to be an affable and unconditional person; you cannot mistreat anyone and you must always be willing to help, solve problems, and guide, so that you express trust and achieve the satisfaction of your constituents.

    In the difficult road through the organs of the People's Power, also marked by the so-called Special Period, the intensification of the US blockade against Cuba and, recently, the health crisis generated by COVID-19, its management has not been without its problems nor he has stopped suffering ingratitude.

    However, the dissatisfactions are not representative in the face of the numerous stimuli, among which the recognition of the people stands out, who has created the commitment to continue as a delegate until their death.

    Lorenzo is willing to continue as a public servant, as long as his health accompanies him and he feels the trust, support and appreciation of his voters, as it has happened in this period of pandemic, when the unity around his management has been decisive to overcome a health crisis coupled with financial constraints.

    El reto de reflejar al pueblo(+Fotos)

    He has had two great gratifications in this time: in the family sphere, the survival of him and his family to a virus that has claimed many lives in the municipality, the province and the country; at work, the drive of the neighborhood to face very tense situations.

    The popular participation in impact tasks has been significant, such as helping vulnerable segments of the population, through messaging services for pharmacies, warehouses and the Family Attention System; and the incorporation to cleaning and enlistment tasks of the vaccination centers.

    Likewise, solutions have been implemented to prevent the mobility of people and, therefore, guarantee the preservation of their health, among which the approach to the sale of basic necessities stands out.

    This stage has put the capacity of our government system to the test and promoted the process of improvement of the Organs of People's Power, fundamentally the role of the delegates in their constituencies has been reinforced, which contributes to enhance their figure and foster the trust and the support of the people.

    The base structures, with their performance and the guidance of the top leaders of the Cuban Communist Party and Government in the nation, are confirmed as the fundamental link of the Cuban political system.

    What is intended is that the delegates have the leading role, that the decisions that are taken in the demarcation they represent are consulted with them; that is precisely the part of the improvement that the Organs of People's Power lack, Lorenzo considers.

    In his opinion, the application of science, technology and innovation are also of particular importance; and the work to guarantee continuity, which is not the same as replacement, "he clarifies," because it is not a question of replacing, but rather of preserving the revolutionary legacy.