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    It is recognized the value and merit of defending life

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    Reconocen el valor y el mérito por defender la vida

    With pride and gratitude, Health professionals, along with workers and labor groups from other sectors, continue to receive the deserved recognition for the contribution offered during months of incessant confrontation with Covid-19 in Ciego de Ávila.

    In the province, according to an agreement of the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba based on the proposal made by the National Secretariat of the Cuban Labor Union (CTC by its Spanish initials), this time doctors Roberto Rodríguez Cruz and José Luis López González, both specialists in Hygiene and Epidemiology, as well as the graduate in nursing Ramón Esteban Ferrar Yanes received the first degree Lázaro Peña González Order award. The same decoration, but of the third degree, was conferred to doctors Israel Triana Pérez and Luis Antonio de Oro Pérez and to the graduate in nursing Guillermo Bernal de Armas.

    A similar procedure led to the delivery of the Jesús Menéndez Medal to 11 outstanding workers in the health sector and in the sugar and civil defense unions. Moreover, two workers in the industrial sphere received the Certificate of Labor Prowess (also granted to the Special Brigade and to the Provincial Surveillance and Patrol Unit), while a fishing mechanic was awarded the Seal of Merit for humanism, solidarity and sensitivity.

    Niurka Ferrer Castillo, Secretary of the CTC in Ciego de Ávila, when congratulating everyone, it signified the nation's ability to produce its own vaccines, as an expression of the scientific development achieved by Cuban medicine, with Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as the main inspiring personality.

    He also underlined how in the midst of this adverse stage "the country has preserved labor rights and guarantees, without anyone being abandoned or helpless, in accordance with an elementary principle of the Revolution since its triumph."

    Once again, Ciego de Ávila´s trade union movement supported the fair condemnation of all the destabilizing maneuvers, orchestrated by imperialism and reaffirmed the commitment to make the unity of the working class around the Cuban Communist Party and the Revolution more and more solid, in defense of our sovereignty.