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    State entities report on the commercialization of basic products

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    Informan entidades estatales sobre la comercialización de productos básicos

    Information of social interest on the commercialization of basic necessities was given to the Ciego de Ávila press, in order to clarify doubts regarding regulated and released sales, prices, distribution mechanisms and the quality of services.

    At a press conference, reporters from the Invasor newspaper, the provincial radio station Radio Surco, Avileña Television, the Cuban News Agency and the Avileño Citizen Portal, exchanged with executives of the provincial companies of Commerce and Gastronomy, Acopio, Dairy Products and Wholesale of Food Products, the CIMEX and Caribe chain stores, the Cuban Bread Chain and the Food Industry.

    Issues related to the increase in prices of various products, technological limitations, raw materials and their negative effects on the quality of offers, increased productivity and the search for solutions to promote the sale of goods of first necessity were addressed in depth.

    Commerce Company offered details on the improvement in this sector and the incursion of the province in the new modalities approved in the country: garage sales, installments and commission agents.

    The Provincial Acopio Firm referred to the establishment of capped prices for products such as taro (in its two varieties), sweet potato, yucca and banana (fruit and food). Meanwhile, farmers and local governments will agree the costs of other products, considering the decrease during harvest peaks and with the premise of facilitating access for the population, will agree the costs of other items.

    The distribution of agricultural products for medical diets remains a priority, with prices lower than those of the retail market, which expresses the State's protection of vulnerable segments of the population, despite the difficult economic situation prevailing in the country.

    The representatives of the CIMEX and Caribe chain stores referred to the difficulties with the supply and the search for solutions to increase the offers in the national and freely convertible currencies; the mechanisms employed for the distribution, fundamentally of the first-rate products; compliance with hygienic-sanitary protocols in all its establishments and the measures implemented to organize customer flows.

    The Dairy Products Company emphasized the social impact of the decrease in milk collection and the adoption of alternatives to mitigate its effects, technological difficulties and the lack of raw materials to increase, diversify productions and meet the demands of strategic sectors of the economy, such as tourism.

    Issues of social interest about commercialization were also addressed by leaders of the Cuban Bread Chain, the Food Products Wholesale Company and the Food Industry, all with a willingness to keep the people informed, respond to their concerns and counteract false news.

    At the meeting, the will of the different state commercialization actors in the territory of Ciego de Ávila was manifested to implement solutions that allow mitigating the consequences of the existing economic crisis in the country, accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resurgence of the US blockade against Cuba.

    The press, including the Avileño Citizen Portal, will delve into the issues discussed during the exchange with each of these sectors.