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    Ciego de Ávila list to resume the school year

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    Lista Ciego de Ávila para reanudar el curso escolar

    To receive the more than 66,000 students who will return to their classrooms on Monday, November 8 and 15, the 390 schools from Ciego de Ávila have already secured facilities, food, teacher training and school supplies.

    Now that the COVID-19 pandemic gives us a break, it is to be assumed that the inner life of the educational establishments will be different, and the precautions taken against a possible outbreak that could put our children and adolescents in the center.

    Norberto Roche Noa, provincial deputy director of Education in Ciego de Ávila, attests to the preparation of the 390 schools of all the teachings that will open their doors again. He explains that, from the logistical point of view, the food for the students is guaranteed, as well as the textbooks, pencils and notebooks, which are already waiting for their owners.

    "The 38 educational institutions that functioned as care centers for sick or suspected COVID-19 people were delivered by Health," where, he refers, walls were painted and electrical and sanitary installations that were affected, were changed.

    “One of the principles that characterizes the continuity of the school year – he emphasizes - is the preservation of the health of students and workers. For this, they will be rigorous in the requirement and compliance with hygienic measures in each educational institution."

    Among the measures we can mentioned the daily investigation, foot disinfection carpets, sterilization of hands and furniture, mandatory use of the facemask and physical distancing.

    They are the same as reported by Yurisbel Gallardo, Rector of the University of Ciego de Ávila "Máximo Gómez Báez", where classes were resumed on November 1st. He adds that they will take “this month to systematize content, advance the theses. From the third week on we will be entering the more complex contents, although at the moment the students are being prepared for it”.

    In the lower schools, a gradual return to the usual rhythm of the programs has also been planned. To facilitate this, the incorporation of all degrees and teachings is not simultaneous.

    First, sixth grade students from Primary and Special Education will join; seventh, eighth and ninth of Basic Secondary; tenth and eleventh of Pre-university; and first and second of the Pedagogical Training and the Professional Technical Teaching. Final grades of these last three teachings are working on their preparation for tests and on November 15, they will begin classes for early childhood, preschool and grades one to five of Primary and Special Education.

    Taking into account that during the last months the contents were taught remotely, through tv-classes, Norberto explains that the methodological preparation of the teachers has focused on the curricular adjustments and the evaluation system of each grade and subject.

    In all grades, it begins by dedicating the first week to the diagnosis of the students, without the application of written tests. A diagnosis in which observation, exchange with the students prevail and deepens the affective, emotional and psychological aspects more than academics."

    Going back to school for some has been and will be more joyful than for others, a necessary step in growing up, graduating or studying for a career, or a concern for mothers and fathers. There is no doubt that returning to the course is gaining a bit of the terrain of normal life that the pandemic stole from much of the country, and there is nothing left but to do it with discipline.