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    Ciego de Ávila keeps its beaches free of illegalities

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    Ciego de Ávila mantiene a sus playas libres de ilegalidades

    Jardines del Rey, the first tourist destination in the cays of Cuba, free of illegalities on its beaches (Photo: Ortelio)

    The process of reconversion of state buildings into homes and the eradication of illegalities in beach areas are among the priorities of the National Institute of Territorial Planning and Urbanism (Inotu), recently created by Decree-Law 42/2021, approved by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba.

    This was announced at a working meeting in Ciego de Ávila by Division General Samuel Carlos Rodiles Planas, president of the new body, to which the human, material and financial resources assigned to the defunct Physical Planning Institute and its municipal and provincial directorates are transferred. Scheme that is part of the territorial and urban planning and responds to the fulfillment of the commitments with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

    Referring to the conversion of state buildings into housing, he argued that this is one of the purposes of the Cuban state in recognizing the right of people to adequate housing and a safe and healthy habitat, through different programs of construction, conservation and rehabilitation, of which the property readjustment program is part, with the active participation of entities and agencies.

    He argued that thousands of families in the country have benefited from the change of use, a process that will continue in the future, as it is part of the National Habitat Regulation Scheme, which complements the Housing Policy.

    Regarding the eradication of illegalities in tourist areas, he said that the pandemic created a difficult situation and for that reason they have had to limit inspections on beaches and tourist places. He specified that in 2022, tours of beaches and tourist areas will continue in order to tighten control so that the legislation is complied with, as part of the State Plan known as Life Task.

    Since 2018, Ciego de Ávila has become the second province in the country, after Sancti Spíritus, free of illegalities on its beaches, as there are no improper constructions in the 23 existing spas, including those of the Jardines del Rey tourist destination.

    Other of Inotu's priorities are related to the simplification of the population's procedures, the progress in land use planning and the completion of the updating and computerization of the Urban Land Registry.