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    The magnitude of the Draft of the Family Code is highlighted

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    Destacan la magnitud del Anteproyecto del Código de las Familias

    The Draft of the Family Code gains space in popular wisdom through exchanges held by members of the Union of Jurists of Cuba (UNJC) in the province of Ciego de Ávila with cadres and officials from political and social institutions.

    The meetings have broadened the knowledge about this proposed legislation among Cuban Communist Party and Government leaders, local subordinate entities, the Federation of Cuban Women, Culture Institution, the Electoral Council, Housing and Education, Edelso Pérez Fleita, president of the jurists' union in the territory stressed.

    Every Thursday, starting at 2:00 pm, the Provincial Chapter of the Cuban Society of Civil and Family Law holds an open event at the Provincial Branch of the UNJC, to which other initiatives such as the placement of didactics materials are added on social networks, he added.

    Destacan la magnitud del Anteproyecto del Código de las Familias

    Pérez Fleita considered it pertinent to extend the discussions to neighborhoods, educational institutions and all work centers to highpoint the usefulness of this instrument in the prevention and confrontation of violence, the protection of the elderly and disabled people, and the solution to family conflicts.

    He criticized the tendency to reduce the content of the Preliminary Draft to one or two articles -when in reality it is a set of important norms for development-, an incident that leads to reinforce the work of social communication, so the people understand and support this document, which will be submitted to a popular referendum.

    With this proposal, the variants of the economic regime of marriage are expanded to achieve greater autonomy of the spouses in the decision most favorable to their interests; in addition to update and perfect the legal-family institutions: kinship, the obligation to provide maintenance, marriage, union, filiation, parental relationships; and other guardianship and protection policies.

    Cubadebate emphasized that motherhood and fatherhood are protected, and the promotion of their responsible development in synergy with respect for the rights of girls, boys and adolescents in the family environment.

    Likewise, it is projected in favor of equality, non-discrimination and human dignity; strengthens family responsibility from the emotional, educational, training and economic point of view in the care of its members; and places love, affection, solidarity at the top of family values.

    Reina de la Caridad Torres Pérez, deputy to the National Assembly of People's Power, insisted that Cuban jurists strengthen their guiding work, with the objective that the people understand how revolutionary, tempered and modern they aspire to be. Besides, it is, from the conception of his name─ these regulations, with a more holistic vision of the meaning and manifestations of the Cuban family.

    The analyzes should not be reduced to a negligible number of articles, considering the breadth and intention of the proposal, designed with a futuristic vision and defender of civil rights, social and human relations, he stressed.

    There are issues that require orientation and civic, family, moral and political education, therefore, social institutions and the press media play a decisive role in achieving a real and non-formal understanding, which transcends the areas of tolerance and adherence to majority criteria.

    This tool expresses the inclusive nature of Cuban society, the interest in overcoming difficulties in protecting citizenship, and adjusts to population dynamics, based on constitutional precepts, he said.

    He also referred to its close relationship with the other regulations approved in the Cuban Parliament, as part of the procedural and judicial reform that is being carried out in the country to materialize the provisions of the Basic Law and advance in the institutionalization process.

    Destacan la magnitud del Anteproyecto del Código de las Familias