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    Lenin, with the essences of his name (Part I)

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    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (I Parte)

    When the Revolution triumphed, he wanted to be a doctor, but he was so imbued with the transformations that his dream was truncated, not because of a lack of opportunities, but because of the personal decision to accompany and serve during this process.

    He could not be the doctor he dreamed of, but Medicine was closely linked to his life and left an everlasting mark in this area by promoting the construction of the Roberto Rodríguez Fernández Provincial Hospital and managing a part of the human resources.

    He undertook tours of several municipalities in search of pairs of specialist doctors, attracted them and assigned them homes, also taking advantage of local facilities: works of economic and social interest were carried out such as housing, the hotel and an amusement park.

    Thus, he achieved a health center with high-ranking and trained professionals to assist mainly the population of the north-central part of the territory of Ciego de Ávila, although they came from all over the province and some surrounding areas.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (I Parte)

    He looked at the tasks from within and became aware of them, Alfredo Fernández Arcia said when evoking the memories of his father (Lenin Fernández Reyes), who was the founding president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Morón.

    A radio and television professional, Alfredo declared himself nervous as an interviewee, however, scrutinizing his father's memories was the real reason for the disturbance. He could not contain the emotion: the voice was exalted, the eyes moistened behind the glasses, the knotted throat and discontinuous sentences.


    Lenin, a descendant of a humble family, based in the colony of Hungary, close to the Violeta power station, in the old Camagüey region; he lived in the heat of the struggles against the government of Gerardo Machado because his father was an active opponent of that tyranny.

    The family moved many times to different parts of the country, until his father was assassinated by lackeys of Machado and the mother returned with her children to the place of origin, where events occurred that stimulated the involvement of Lenin and his brothers in the clandestine struggle.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (I Parte)

    His grandfather had instilled in him the values ​​of Socialism and Communism, considering that he felt fully identified with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), to the extent that his descendants were called Pedro, José, Adria, Lenin, Stalin and Karelia, Alfredo explained.

    Pedro, the oldest of all the siblings, accompanied the mother in the direction of the family and also transmitted the revolutionary principles to his brothers. Stalin joined Column Two "Antonio Maceo", of the Rebel Army; Stalin and Lenin also decided to do it, but the latter fell ill and shortly after came the triumph of January 1959.

    Fernández Arcia does not assure that his father was the best representative of his grandfather, but his example was always present and added to his childhood experiences, they contributed to forge his character.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (I Parte)

    Lenin learned to read and write while watching from a classroom window in a rural school. Faced with the impossibility of entering the classroom and after appreciating its peculiarities, the teacher indicated to him from the blackboard so that he could learn, the interviewee argued.

    In this way, he gained knowledge about different subjects, but he also learned about the inequalities and injustices inherent in the prevailing regime at the time, so that when the homeland was illuminated with the triumphant Revolution, he enthusiastically joined to reverse that panorama.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (I Parte)

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (I Parte)