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    Lenin, with the essences of his name (Part II and Final)

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    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (II Parte y Final)

    With a career as a partisan leader in several municipalities and based on the experience accumulated in Matanzas on the Popular Power management system, it was thought that he could be part of that body in the territory of Morón, although he never intended to be the President of the Municipal Assembly, according to their notes.

    They were looking for a leader from Morón, however, voters saw in him a man with skills and attitudes to guide the destiny of a municipality in full political, economic and social development, with certainty due to his career as a partisan leader and the accumulated experiences in the Matanzas` territory, precursor of the new governmental model, Alfredo emphasized.

    Fernández Reyes remained in the local government for two terms (1976-1983) and is remembered as promoting different works for the benefit of the town, including health, educational, cultural, sports and tourism institutions, as well as a wide program of housing and population service centers.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (II Parte y Final)

    Alfredo remembers the Saturday tours, the occasions when he accompanied him to inaugurate works in the town. He remembers them as the only opportunities that the car assigned for work functions could board, because his father never allowed his political life and possibilities to come home.

    They resided in the Patria popular council, three kilometers from the school, however, there was never a concession for the child to travel in the vehicle; they woke him up at dawn, he would go with his mother to work and then she would take him by bus or car, like most of his classmates.

    While Lenin inaugurated poles of houses and distributed them, in central areas of that city, his family lived in a humble dwelling in a rural area, until they decided to grant him a new one, where there were no luxuries either.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (II Parte y Final)

    Spending vacations in Varadero was well regarded, nevertheless, theirs always passed in Caibarién, where they reserved a modest recreational center, because the father was very attached to his roots and that did not allow him to lead a different life, Alfredo keeps saying.

    Lenin knew Morón like the palms of his hands and earned the recognition and respect of the people for his charisma, extraordinary ability to dialogue with the shoe shine worker, the street sweeper, the agricultural engineer or the most experienced doctors.

    Despite not being a native of Morón, he felt the city as his own and touched the most sensitive fibers of the people by worrying about their well-being and issues related to the rescue of their culture and identity, Alfredo held.

    The carnival did not begin until the Presidency rose, then the entire platform would stand up and he would go to the front of that show so appreciated by the residents, but not only that, he also took care of making tours in search of elements novelty to liven up the festivities.

    Lenin, con las esencias de su nombre (II Parte y Final)

    He owes the replacement of the emblematic Rooster of Morón as the Municipal Assembly appointed him to manage the restitution as a symbol of the city, because the previous one had been demolished when it identified the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

    He facilitated access to La Laguna de La Leche by building a road to that place, taking advantage of the local potential to undertake this work, which allowed to resume the celebration of the Aquatic Carnival, one of the festivities most appreciated by the locals.

    His intelligence was natural because his dedication to the revolutionary work barely allowed him to complete the Medium Technician in Accounting and Finance, however, he had skills to maintain control and master of everything that moved around him, when he arrived at a place the people felt the atmosphere of rigor and control.

    He never raised his voice or disrespected anyone; he solved problems by appealing to the sensibilities and essences of human beings, calling things by name, with the dignity and courage inherent in his personality. It is not the criteria of his son, but that of those who shared with him, Fernández Arcia clarified.

    His father is the greatest man he has ever known, not only because of his physique but also because of his dedication, willpower, intelligence and excessive enthusiasm, qualities that the Morón citizens of the time recognized him for representing and exalting them, he explains.

    In 1983, after two terms in office, Lenin was elected as First Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Cuban Communist Party in Morón, during a meeting which he attended as a guest, as a representative of the government:

    Given the disagreement of the plenary with the candidacy, it was decided to present it as a proposal and it was approved unanimously, an incident that was broadcast live on local radio: after his presentation in office, the ovation was heard, accompanied by the unexpected shout of one of the assistants: "Long live the Cuban Revolution, damn it!"

    Lenin left an everlasting mark. Not a single day goes by without Alfredo being able to feel pride in the integrity of his father, a man whose memories are scattered throughout the city of Morón and come through unexpected people, such as the nurse who attended him just before he died.