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    Accountability of the Governor of Ciego de Ávila, an exercise that affirms socialist democracy

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    Rendición de cuenta del Gobernador de Ciego de Ávila, ejercicio que afirma la democracia socialista

    In his capacity as a public servant and the highest representative of governance in the province, Martin Venegas was self-critical in his report without disdaining the achievements, but with an emphasis on what remains to be done.

    The exposed work stage has been marked by a high and intense complexity, which encompasses the social and economic scenarios. The indisputable impact that the Covid-19 has generated and which leads to a global context, shaken by multiple crises derived from the unjust order global, which have worsened because of two long and hard years of this pandemic. The upsurge of the unjust and genocidal imperialist blockade and the increase in subversive actions aimed at destabilizing the Cuban Revolution and Socialism, obstacles that have not slowed down the people's capacity for resistance and altruism are added to this.

    The report was described as critically exhaustive by the presidents, vice presidents of the municipal assemblies, mayors and the presidents of the Popular Councils in charge of determining the rigor of such a transcendental democratic exercise.

    The results of the government's management in Ciego de Ávila should focus from now on reversing the deficiencies and focusing on the potentialities of its endogenous development, Perdomo Di-Lella insisted.

    When giving an account of his management to the Provincial Council, Tomás Alexis Martin Venegas also deserved the appropriate entertainment for his positive results, especially in his permanent link with the base for the collective solution of problems.