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    There are no changes in immigration procedures

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    No hay cambios en los trámites migratorios

    In part, the long queues observed at the Identification, Immigration and Migration procedures offices in Ciego de Ávila since the resumption of this service could be related to the widespread rumor that in 2022 the price of requesting immigration documentation would increase or there would be limitations to travel.

    Authorities of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) in the territory denied this hoax by stating, "There is no proposal that dictates the increase in the price of the passport, nor the change of currency of payment to MLC," according to the journalist Odania García, in the website of the provincial radio station Radio Surco.

    Lieutenant Colonel Arismel Jiménez Núñez, head of the MININT Procedures Body, ratified that the passport will continue with a value of 2,500.00 pesos national currency (CUP) in stamped stamps, equivalent to the rate of 100.00 CUC in force until December 2020, prior to the implementation of the Ordering Task.

    In fact, until next December 31, the stamped stamps acquired in CUC may be used, in accordance with Resolution 243 of June 28, 2021, published in Official Gazette No. 54 Extraordinary, of the same date.

    In addition, the officer denied on the assumption that people under 40 year old could not leave the country. "The requirements for applying for a passport remain in force, only people with exit restrictions and those charged with pending charges in a civil or judicial process will not be able to access the document."

    In fact:

    —It is FALSE that the exit of Cubans abroad will be restricted,

    —It is FALSE that it will increase the price of the passport and,

    —It is FALSE that the currency of payment will be changed.

    In the case of the entities that regulate the departure abroad of their workers, Jiménez Núñez recommended that interested people approach the paperwork office to clarify the situation of the limitations.

    Regarding the particular case of minors, the Chief of the MININT Procedures Body in Ciego de Ávila said that the father and mother must appear before a notary public and request the notarial deed where both authorize the preparation of the passport for the exit to the exterior of the minor.

    However, at the beginning of the year an opinion matrix on immigration procedures had been produced after the Ministry of Justice published several resolutions that updated the rates of some services after the Ordering Task.

    Specifically, Resolution 48 of 2021 valued the obtaining of passports for Cuban citizens residing abroad at 5 625.00 CUP. Although the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) recommends consulting the official sites of the Cuban consulate in the country from where they are made the procedures, to know the fees, forms of payment and remote procedures in requests for consular services.

    Both Lieutenant Colonel Jiménez Núñez and the MINREX website clarify that the Cuban passport has a duration of six years in total and is extended once every two years (twice during the six years). It is a mandatory requirement to have made the first extension to be entitled to the second. The extension has a value of 500.00 CUP.

    Cuban citizens, who, for any justified reason, cannot return to the island within 24 months and wish to maintain the immigration status of permanent residents in the national territory, may request an extension of staying for more than 24 months in the Consulate of Cuba in the country where they are. This request must be submitted one month before the end of 24 months, counted from the last date of departure from Cuba.

    According to the Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Migration, this type of extension is authorized to Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who are in any of the following cases:

    - Inability to travel for humanitarian reasons or duly proven health problems.

    - Reasons of a work, student, personal or family nature, which limit the interested party temporarily to return to the country and which justify their authorization.

    However, the exception is in force for those who were unable to return to the Island in the scheduled time due to COVID-19.