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    Ciego de Ávila begins vaccination of convalescent children from COVID-19

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    Inicia Ciego de Ávila vacunación de niños convalecientes de COVID-19

    More than 60 vaccination centers began operating in all health areas of the province to immunize before the end of the year the 7,613 minors who fell ill with COVID-19.

    According to José Luis López González, deputy director of Epidemiology at the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, minors between the ages of two and 18, who fell ill between the months of March and October 2021, will be applied a single dose of Soberana Plus.

    He explained that there should be no confusion between this and the booster dose that was applied in the municipality of Morón, as they are different population groups and vaccines.

    The specialist specified that the immunogenic medication reached every corner of the province where infants needed it and the logistics to comply with the requirements are guaranteed, among which is the guarantee of the cold chain for multidose bulbs, which contain Thiomersal, so those allergic to this product will not be able to receive the vaccine.

    In this sense, they take advantage of rehabilitation rooms, clinics, polyclinics, facilities of Voluntary Sports Councils, the provincial boxing academy, the headquarters of the Hydraulic Resources companies, Gran Panel, Agro-industrial Ceballos, El Resplandor motel, Jurists Union, among other places equipped for the occasion.

    More than 93% of Ciego de Ávila citizens are vaccinated with the complete scheme and, although the wait for people allergic to Thimerosal is prolonged, the population will receive the safest 2022, even, given the effects that the variant called Ómicron may cause.