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    More professionals for Ciego de Ávila

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    Más profesionales para Ciego de Ávila

    There is no triumph without sacrifice. Moreover, the flavor of this one is different, because it is unique, when, as a reward for delivery times, even your soul yells at you: Thank you! This is how the 183 graduates of the Ciego de Ávila`s University Máximo Gómez Báez (UNICA) Day Course felt this Thursday.

    Merit expressed in the almost 30 Gold titles conferred on students of the degrees in Law, Foreign Language Education, Tourism, Biology Education, Physical Culture, Civil and Hydraulic engineering.

    Recognitions were conferred to the best graduates in the categories: Social Impact, Dairo Mujica Barrera, also awarded as Best Comprehensive Graduate; Student Assistant, Arlén de la Caridad Madrigal Henríquez; Teaching and Research, Yasiel López Yanes; and Culture, Shanel Batte Leal.

    The Student Scientific Merit Awards were also honored to Yasiel López Yanes, Laidel Castillo Reyes and Shanel Batte Leal; and the University Student Federation Award to Lázaro Jesús Camacho Rajo, Dayana Martínez Quiñonez, Norge Luis Vázquez Rodríguez, Dairo Mujica Barrera, Marcos Gómez García, Shanel Batte Leal, Aliannys Tomé González, Yoander Martínez González and Laidel Castillo Reyes.

    A whole constellation of young people whose commitment was reflected in the Graduate's Manifest, read by Dairo Mujica Barrera, who moved the emotions of teachers, graduates and family members, by expressing their gratitude to the house of higher studies, a place to which, as he expressed: "We will return again and again to the arms of those who showed us the way and walked along with us."

    Or what was said by the Doctor of Science Yurisbel Gallardo Ballat, rector of UNICA: “The doors of our house are open to continue cultivating dreams, and training professionals based on the possibilities offered by postgraduate studies ... today, they have a commitment to society, but, above all, with you, to show everything you have learned and continue to grow”.

    As a complicity, the joy of all of them; and as a garnish, art, this time on the account of the Wind Voices quartet, the soloist Onel Juan Samón, the declaimer Juan Manuel Rivas, and the musician-dance group belonging to the UNICA, Open Curtain.At the close of the celebration, in the hands of the boys, their graduate degrees, which open the doors to working life, in which they will be oxygen for the economic and social development of this province.