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    This is how Primary Education ends the year in Ciego de Ávila

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    Así termina el año la Educación Primaria en Ciego de Ávila

    After resuming the school year, last November, parents, relatives and teachers of the Primary School students knew that it was not going to be an easy process after so much time at home.

    Especially when all the boys and girls advance at different rates and have not had, as in normal courses, the same amount of attention.

    For this reason, if you ask Sorania Dobao Alderete, general director of Basic Education in the province, for her assessment this year, she has to mention diagnoses, systematic evaluations and attention to students with difficulties as the keys to be able to advance in the scarce 16 weeks in which you must finish the course.

    Of the 243 schools that make up the primary school network, 65 urban, 178 rural and 10 mixed ones, all are open. They host a total enrollment of 32,409 seminaries, 15,488 external and 28 internal, in addition to 3,536 children of the preschool grade.

    A special attention is paid to the first grade, due to the cognitive “jump” that it supposes for students of such a young age. These weeks have been dedicated to "the exercise of the most complex phonemes for the formation of syllables, words and sentences," according to Sorania. Along with first grade, it is emphasized in second and sixth ones, the latter with one more week of travel.

    The 2,713 teachers in charge of the process (65 places remain to be filled) have had to adjust the contents according to individual and group diagnoses. This will depend not only on being able to start the coming course in good time, in addition to the pandemic, but also that our children can live an accelerated and emergency process, but also with respect for their needs.