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    CEPIL Company guarantees plastic buckets for different uses

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    Empresa CEPIL garantiza cubetas plásticas para diferentes usos

    The start-up in 2021 of a modern production line at the CEPIL Juan Antonio Márquez Company, in Ciego de Ávila, guarantees the manufacture of plastic buckets for the Vitral Paints Company, the SERVISA Integral Business Group and also benefits other entities.

    The annual production capacity of this investment, which exceeds 6 million pesos, is 1,550,000 units per year, as Carlos Manuel Sánchez Menéndez, technical director of CEPIL, explained to ACN, the only one of its kind in the country.

    He specified that with the aforementioned line, a container is ensured that, due to its resistance and sealing conditions, can also be used to package other products, such as food.

    Entities such as Vitral Paints and SERVISA, Agriculture and Industry companies, including Agro-industrial Ceballos and the paint plant Devox Caribe SA of Mexico, which operates in the Mariel Special Development Zone, the director alleged.

    Commenting on the technological advantages of the new line, he said that it is made up of energy-saving and automated injection machines, with the inclusion of robots and printing of the molded article and the placement of labels inside the mold.

    The note highlights that the Ciego de Ávila industry was founded by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, in February 1963, and that it distributes more than 60 products, backed by a quality management system certified by international standards ISO 9000.