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    Participate, rather than attend

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    Participar, más que asistir

    The inclusive nature of the Family Code Project and the right to give an opinion during the popular consultation of this bill set a standard in the exercise of democracy in Cuba, Marlenis Báez Valdivia, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Council in Ciego de Avila, said.

    From February 1 to April 30, some 3,177 meetings are planned in the territory that will facilitate the participation of more than 30,000 Ciego de Ávila citizens and will contribute to enrich future legislation by making proposals for modifications, eliminations and add-ons, in addition to the clarification of doubts, he pointed.

    All voters have the right to express their opinions, in a respectful manner, which will be included in the minutes and, subsequently, entered into an automated system, according to their type and content, to facilitate the analyzes of the national commission of experts in charge of the drafting of that law, he specified.

    This will enable, he assured, the presentation to the National Assembly of People's Power of a more complete proposal and in accordance with the demands of the people, after the collective review of version number 24 of the aforementioned document.

    Participar, más que asistir

    In dialogue with the Ciego de Ávila Citizen Portal, Báez Valdivia stressed that the province has all the documentation to use in the meetings, as well as the preparation of the electoral authorities in the province, the municipalities and the districts, and the 495 legal professionals that will accompany the different moments of the process.

    Between the months of October 2021 and January of the current year, a training system was developed that included the electoral councils and the management structures of this body in the province and the municipalities, in addition to the rectors of the popular consultation in the constituencies, that is, who will direct the meetings at the base, he described.

    He clarified that the jurists have also faced a strong preparation process to perform successfully: a group will intervene in the processing of information, while others will make up the duos that will participate in the meetings.

    The call reaches the neighborhoods of this province through informative posters and the delivery of citations to the family nuclei. It is a call to participate in the collective construction of a law that also decides the destinies of the society and the country that we dream of, in addition to making clear the principles that govern our democracy, he concluded.