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    Debate for a better Hermanos Saíz Association in Ciego de Ávila

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    If something was evident in the Provincial Assembly of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in Ciego de Ávila, it is that the young people who make it up feel identified with it, among other things. It is due to the spaces it has provided for them to give away art in different scenarios.

    For this reason, Youmel Sánchez Martínez, from the music section, could not find enough words to thank for three years as a member of the organization. “Not only she is a promoter of young art, she is also a platform to strengthen Cuban culture in general,” she said, recalling that in her beginnings as an artist her repertoire was only international, while now it includes traditional Cuban music, something that instilled in him the AHS.

    Vasily Mendoza Pérez, narrator, essayist and honorary member, recognized that, if there is a province with a great presence in social networks, that is Ciego de Ávila, despite the fact that the organization's Facebook profile was hacked some time ago and with the new page, part of a testimony on this social network has been lost.

    Another accurate and forceful concern was expressed by Isaac Miguel Torres Laureiro, a member of the humorous group 40 Megas. “We have to stimulate our own art because there is no need, sometimes, to resort to that of other provinces. For this reason, many artists want to go and work elsewhere”.

    Along the same line was one of the most applauded interventions, that of the violinist and teacher Adalys Díaz, who assured that, if it were not for the AHS, she would have already gone to work for Havana. "We have to do more, give us the space and the culture in Ciego de Ávila will turn around." She also emphasized the exodus of teachers at the Ñola Sahíg Saínz School of Art, when she assured that “our teachers are unmotivated, but we cannot afford to leave.

    “Not all artists want to go to the capital of the country or to the northern cays of our province. I am here for the good work of the AHS, but there is still a lot of motivation and much more to do”, were her words before being interrupted by applause.

    The City of the Rooster also had a presence in the debate thanks to the intervention of José Ángel Guevara Tamarit, one of the 14 existing members in that territory. He described Morón as the place of the “was” and “were”, since many officials have been in charge of closing doors instead of taking advantage of the art that is breathed from the association.

    “If there is an institution that we can thank, it is the Provincial Book Center. Whenever we need them, they give us the minimum necessary, they help us with anything, even if it is the little they have,” he stressed, adding that “the cultural panning of our municipality only has sepia images that in the first two minutes of the black and white sequence end in a fade to black and there are no credits or music, silence remains”.

    The professional intrusiveness, the music coming, above all, from the urban genre and, fundamentally, the deplorable structural state of the Ciego de Ávila theaters, were other lines of connection for each one of the affiliates who, with a collective construction, aspire to materialize all your wishes.

    The interventions were heard by Fernando Rojas Gutiérrez, Deputy Minister of Culture; Carlos Luis Garrido Pérez, member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and its first secretary in the province; Rafael González Muñoz, national president of the AHS; and Santa Massiel Ruedas Moreno, president of the organization in the territory, ratified in this position during the election process.

    Along with her, the young Cleilys Aurora Benítez Castro and Alejandro Quiñones Almanza will also remain as vice presidents of the AHS executive in Ciego de Ávila.

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