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    Project of the Family Code under the magnifying glass of the people

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    Proyecto de Código de las Familias bajo la lupa del pueblo

    Voters from District 3 of the City Center Popular Council, in the Ciego de Ávila capital, launched the popular consultation on the Family Code Project on Tuesday night, a democratic exercise that will last until April 30.

    The meeting, one of the more than 3,100 scheduled to take place in Ciego de Ávila, began with the usual formality: singing the anthem and an introduction by the electoral authorities of the community. Next, Yodaily Olivera Alcina, judge of the Municipal Court, directed the query, advancing title by title.

    Even when it was evident that the participants did not dominate the text of the Code..., whose tabloids began to circulate just last Monday, there were always interventions and doubts that were expressed, such as that of Yadira Martínez, related to the scope of de facto affective unions.

    For his part, Eido García León highlighted the comprehensive, revolutionary and innovative nature of the law, which, he said, favors families and resembles the reality of the country. "I approve the project," he said.

    The consultation began this February 1st. throughout the province with some 60 meetings in all popular councils. Jurists accompany and guide the meeting, in which the population can express their approval, disagreement or intention to modify the text, he explained.