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    Etecsa warns about frauds in mobile balance of its customers

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    The Telecommunications Company of Cuba S.A. (Etecsa), alerts its customers about mobile balance scams, after receiving several complaints from users denouncing an unjustified decrease in the amount.

    Given this situation, Aymé González Hernández, director of consumer protection at Etecsa, told Granma that it was investigated and confirmed that international calls have been made from the client's terminal, without registering on the users' mobile phones. Although there is evidence in the records of the company, which brings with it the economic affectation referred to by the client of the mobile service.

    Everything indicates that they are viruses that have been downloaded to the client's mobile when opening files of unknown origin or installing applications of suspicious origin, she stressed.

    She specified that another of the most frequent modalities of deception that can cause economic damage are calls of unknown origin that start with 00.

    She also exemplified that raffles and other tempting advertisements, not originated by Etecsa, are other types of deception, which they could receive on their personal device and lead to economic damage.

    Given this, she urged to avoid opening attachments of suspicious origin and answering emails to strangers, referring that malicious programs can generate calls, SMS and connections automatically.