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    Don’t defend me, mate!

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    No me defiendas compadre

    Ciego de Ávila has just lost two games in a row against Mayabeque in the 61st National Baseball Series. Moreover, when it comes to fan views, there's plenty to choose from.

    In the baseball gatherings, the same as last Tuesday, after the initial success against Los Hurricanes, heaped praise on Los Tigres squad, now they question their qualifying chances.

    If you are one of those who expresses your opinions on baseball issues guided, above all, by the results of a week, or a day, then you will be, without a doubt, a slave to corrections, to what you said yesterday and today It is not.

    In terms of forecasts of our national pastime, we must be very careful. A team can be on a winning streak today and start a losing streak tomorrow. And vice versa.

    That is why it is not opportune to throw bells to the wind after the first successes of Ciego de Ávila. Now, that doesn't mean that I can confirm what was written in these pages before the competition: I wouldn't be surprised if Yorelvis Charles's men attend the postseason.

    Besides, such a statement does not come from nowhere, but from the simple logic that, except for three or four teams, the other opponents are not higher than Los Tigres. In addition, there are eight who will be able to access the playoffs.

    However, predicting that the ticket for the three-time national champions will be a very easy task, almost done, is, as a philosopher would say, being a prisoner of circumstances.

    After the good start of the Ciego de Ávila citizens, when they came to have a balance of five wins and one loss, and headed the standings, I heard quite a few exaltations of the potential of the cast.

    For some it is as if the squad did not have a single gap. A true perfect machinery of playing baseball!

    Those who think like this forget that this was almost the same group that finished in eleventh place last year, so if now, at least, it ranks among the top eight, it would already be doing a praiseworthy job.

    “But what does this journalist say, that Ciego de Ávila is not a good team?” None of that, dear readers. The Tigers present a payroll with little to envy to the best teams in the series, but let us be objective: it is far from being considered the blunderbuss of the fight.

    Furthermore, couldn't Los Tigres show that they are throughout the championship? Of course, they could, although it would mean a balance above forecasts. Although we already know how many times, these fail.

    My consideration does not seek to "remove pressure" from their players, I repeat that, from my point of view, not qualifying would be a bad result, but there are so many exaggerations in the environment, that I imagine a member of the cast saying to those grandiose predictors: " don`t defend me, mate!”.