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    Annual growth in Brushes and Plastic Items Company is expected

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    Prevén crecimiento anual en Empresa de Cepillos y Artículos Plásticos

    In 2022, CEPIL workers must make 923,900 brooms. Photo: Alejandro Garcia Sanchez

    In one of the industries with the greatest economic impact in Ciego de Ávila, the Juan Antonio Márquez Brushes and Plastic Items Company (CEPIL), the usual deficiencies do not prevent them from projecting a year in which a growth of 48 percent is proposed with respect to what was achieved in 2021.

    Although in the previous 12 months the estimated forecast was met, directors and workers of the entity consider that there are reserves to work with greater efficiency and productivity and increase the demanded productions of this industry.

    This was revealed during the presentation and information of the Economy Plan for the year 2022 in the company, at which time Ramona Vidal Díaz, commercial director, announced that for this year the value program exceeds 109 million pesos.

    Speaking at the Assembly of Representatives, Vidal Díaz recalled that, even though the entity was inactive during the months of July and August due to COVID-19, the productions were marketed on the Caracol and TRD networks, both in freely convertible and national currencies, and in ARTEX; also achieving dividends through electronic commerce and sales to Tourism.

    Such sales made it possible to start 2022 with the availability of raw material for articles, and to take advantage of productions with recovered plastic, as was done last year.

    Dulce María Ojeda, CEPIL Production Specialist, indicated that by 2022 they plan to produce 639,000 toothbrushes, 318,000 brushes of various types, more than 100,000 buckets and some 2,548,000 other plastic items.

    Oscar Morales Jiménez, general director of the entity, highlighted the support of the Business Group to deliver plastic waste from the industry to CEPIL during 2021 and so far this year so that they can be reused efficiently, since they only received raw material on April.

    Morales Jiménez also explained that the company currently works with two work shifts a day, and not three as it is conceived, due to the energy situation and specified what is necessary to optimize the attention to man.

    Arturo Rodríguez Font, general secretary of the National Union of Industrial Workers, highlighted the importance of CEPIL's labor group and emphasized the vitality of its productions, which make it possible for more offers to reach the population in the midst of a very complex economic situation in the country.