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    “We are going to play where our vaccines are recognized”

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    «Vamos a tocar allí donde se reconozcan nuestras vacunas»

    They carry on their shoulders, like the people who follow them, the strength of a country. They have earned the respect of the public because they are not one of the artists who are "praying to be censored to become famous", they know that roads are made with blood and hope / and not coloring the waste of praise.

    Buena Fe, the group that for more than two decades has sung to the Greater Antilles from what makes it great, but also, from what it lacks, has once again been the target of media manipulation. On this occasion, the figureheads of those who want to see Cuba submissive used their postponed –not canceled– presentations in Canada.

    «Since 2020, together with a Canadian company, concerts have been organized to launch the Carnal album. The pandemic arrived and they were postponed to 2021, “Israel Rojas explained in a direct message on social networks. “Of the people who had bought the tickets, the same in Toronto, as in Montreal, as in Ottawa, nobody asked for the money back, which made the dates stay," the group leader said, who also alleged that COVID-19 did not allow those shows to take place.

    "Now in 2022, the Government of Canada does not recognize Cuban vaccines, and in this situation, the organizers kindly ask us to get vaccinated with another vaccine to be able to do the concerts," he stressed.

    The response to such a request could not be other than that given by Yoel Martínez, founder of Buena Fe: "We are vaccinated with our vaccine (...), we do not need another to go anywhere."

    For his part, Israel Rojas pointed out: «We have composed The Force of a Country. We know the teams that manufactured our Cuban vaccines. Do you really think we are going to be so incoherent as to vaccinate ourselves with another? We are going to play where our vaccines are recognized (…), for the people who want to go to our concerts ».

    Simultaneously with the wave of false news generated by the position of the members of that group, social networks also served as a stage to demonstrate the public's admiration for these creators committed to art and to their nation.

    The hashtag #WithBuenaFeYo has been shared by thousands of users. On his Twitter account, the Hero of the Republic, Gerardo Hernández, published: "That's what they are, pride for the honest and shame for the cowards!"

    In addition, Kenelma Carvajal, Vice Minister of Culture, posted: «I feel a deep pride in you. The people of Cuba admire them for their immense talent and courage in defending their principles and ideals." Cuba is with Good Faith, the networks do not say it, and the vaccinated and sovereign people say it.