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    Agrecocaribe celebrates the 60th anniversary of Indigenous Hatuey

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    Festeja Agrecocaribe aniversario 60 de Indio Hatuey

    With the presentation of the promotional campaign for the 60th anniversary of the Indigenous Hatuey: Pasture and Forage Experimental Station, attached to the University of Matanzas, the Final Workshop of the FSPI Agrecocaribe Project continues in Ciego de Ávila.

    The Doctor of Technical Sciences Luis Alberto Hernández Olivera, General Director of Indigenous Hatuey, presented the campaign online, which was joined by related scientific institutions, both Cuban and foreign.

    In the context of the Final Workshop of the FSPI Agrecocaribe Project, which takes place at the Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo Incentives and Events Hotel, the contributions of the first scientific institution of the agricultural branch created by the Revolution were also recognized.

    Regarding the definition of the actors of the future FSPI Agrecocaribe Project for the next ten years, discussions continue with experts from the International Center for Agricultural Research for Development in France (CIRAD) Genowefa Blundo Canto and Claudio Proietti.

    The FSPI Agrecocaribe Project ponders the efficient use of beneficial native microorganisms in the agricultural sector for the restoration of the natural balance from innovation and extensions for a sustainable agro-ecological policy.