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    Transfermóvil: seven years contributing to the development of the nation

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    Transfermóvil: siete años contribuyendo al desarrollo de la nación

    Among all the innovations that have emerged in Cuba in recent years from the efforts of the government and institutions in the process of computerization of society, Transfermóvil, a payment enabling platform, arrives this February 10 for its seventh anniversary. With the merit of continuing to grow, with 2.8 million users, thanks to its constant evolution and the new and successful features that it has been incorporating in each update.

    Fruit of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba S.A. (Etecsa), the application is committed to facilitate various actions from the comfort of a mobile device and without the need for face-to-face activities, which means saving time. Thus, if before it was already a privilege to check card balances, make transfers and pay utility bills, now it is to be able to buy fuel coupons and stamps to pay taxes.

    Transfermóvil is an app that we take by the hand in electronic commerce for the payment of products in Tuenvío and Superfácil, also for traffic fines and violations. It is the best option to receive a 10 percent discount on Etecsa service payments, the same as for recharging a mobile line, paying the monthly landline telephone bill, recharging permanent Nauta accounts, including internet service in the houses, Nauta Hogar.

    According to the summary of the main milestones that marked 2021 for Etecsa,”Transfermóvil won the acceptance of more than 1.3 million new users. During the year, the platform continued to incorporate new features such as ticket sales, Young Club account recharges, payment of taxes, lodging reservations and tourist packages, fuel sales, payment of fines, among others.”

    Likewise, the app offers the possibility for users to access useful telephone numbers such as those for ambulances, firefighters, the National Revolutionary Police, maritime rescue, and the anti-drug line. Just by tapping the phone screen with your finger, from the catwalk you can find out about promotions, discounts, details of the Bolsa Nauta, SMS and Voice plan offers, as well as the friends Plan offers.

    For those who start using it, the process of authenticating and doing banking operations can be complicated; however, the simplicity of its design allows quick learning for its implementation, which ends up being the tool par excellence at the end of the month to avoid us the hot queues for the payment of services. In total, more than 520 million operations were executed in 2021 through this payment-enabling platform.

    Frequent questions:

    —How do I register in Transfermóvil?

    Select the bank you belong to and authenticate. In the "Settings" menu, choose the "Sign up" option. Follow the steps for registration and, later, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the execution of the action.

    —How is the payment for services made?

    Select the bank you belong to and authenticate. In the "Operations" menu, choose the services you wish to pay for electricity, water or gas, simply by entering the ATM payment ID that appears on each of the invoices for these services, the payment to ONAT and fine payments.

    Also in "Operations" you can make a cash transfer to another account and pay for telecommunications services such as the Nauta Hogar monthly fee and the telephone bill, as well as recharge your mobile balance, Nauta accounts and your own cards.

    —How are operations and balances consulted?

    Select the bank you belong to and authenticate. In the "Consultations" menu, you will be able to know the amount to pay for a service, consult the balance of your accounts or the last operations carried out, among other consultations, according to your bank.

    —How do you add accounts?

    In the main menu, access "My accounts" and enter the data requested for each one. This option facilitates operations between accounts, streamlining processes such as cash transfers, among others.

    —What can I do in the Management menu?

    This section will allow you to consult the invoices paid and the Own cards recharged to carry out the payment or recharge operation again, without having to enter the invoice or card.

    In addition, it will let you save bank accounts that are not yours, making it easier to make cash transfers.

    —How to know all the operations carried out by Transfermóvil?

    In the main menu, in the "Statistics" option, you can see the summary and details of the operations, and in the "Operations Details" option, you only have to select your bank and all the actions carried out will be displayed.

    —How do you apply for the MLC card?

    Select the bank you belong to and authenticate. In the "Settings" menu, choose the "Account opening" option.

    How do you change the limit?

    Select the bank you belong to and authenticate. In the "Settings" menu, choose the "Change Limits" option.