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    In the corners of life

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    En los rincones de la vida

    On the third floor of a tiled building, love emanates.

    He begins to feed himself with a sweet coffee that Rosita and Nelson share very early, because at his age they do not sleep in the mornings.

    Nelson is a musician, composer, lover of poetry, bolero, philosophy and his wife. The patriarch of a family that is happy not because of the music that runs through their veins, but because they are good, harmonious people.

    Rosita is not an artist. However, he sits in front of them to watch them play and it must be assumed that his ear has already become wise. That the melody tastes like years of study and she goes from school to school, from theater to theater.

    The matriarch remembers every important presentation, all the dates and the seconds before taking a photo. You have to see her with her eyes lost in Nelson, her ear attentive and her right hand on her leg, her index finger taking the beat.

    If that is not love, nothing is.

    En los rincones de la vida

    In a cramped little house, suspended at the top of an excessively steep staircase, lives love.

    A dad named Omar always thinks of two little boys with dimples in their cheeks, who were born to him from the womb of a friend.

    She had a girlfriend and he had a boyfriend, but an Assisted Reproduction consultation and a medical team full of kindness achieved a miracle for them. Two kids! "He just like me and she just like her mother."

    That same little house housed tears, first steps, pranks and a string full of cloths. Dad used to go out from that little house to do theater, radio, fold peanut cones, animate birthdays, give art classes and clean a private pizzeria at night. Then he would return to give bottles, change buttocks and play clowns.

    If that is not love, nothing is.

    En los rincones de la vida


    In Cap Haitien, during the spring of 1895, love lived.

    Martí was preparing a war and still had the soul to write the most beautiful letters, and feel the most sublime affections.

    “And how do I bend over, and shrink well, and go inside this letter, to give you a hug? And how do I tell you this way of thinking of you, of all times, very fine and painful, that wakes me up and puts me to bed, and sees you with more tenderness and light each time?”

    It is worth thinking about a 15-year-old Maria, moved by such paternal tenderness. It is worth thinking about a man with affections and hopes, so close to dying.

    “I am planting you, wherever I go, so that life may be a friend to you. You, every time you see the dark night, or the cloudy sun, think of me.

    If that was not love, nothing was.

    En los rincones de la vida

    In a classroom with a zinc roof, windows to the south, of the Eduardo Agramonte Piña special school, in Ciro Redondo, love lives.

    Caridad excitedly shows me a little bag with cardboard clocks that have been left for her on the nightstand. I teaches his students with the same emotion.

    “My children—she says, and the pronoun is more affective than possessive—are always clean and tidy. I have a pair of scissors in the classroom to cut their nails and a cloth on the TV cabinet so they can clean their shoes when they come home from Physical Education”.

    The red earth of the gardens has no place in the neatness of his classroom. 11 children everywhere "give them a hand" or want to help them, because "they don't know".

    Nevertheless, she is sure that you have to let them do things. Getting dressed, brushing teeth, saying good morning, asking permission, writing neatly. Moreover, more than anything, she is sure that everyone learns, without shouting, without rushing.

    Caridad has already left behind the retirement age and the tributes. However, you cannot leave the classroom. In addition, on a day of low epidemiological risk, he dresses the internal children, asks the parents for clothes for the external ones and organizes a train excursion to visit the Zoo. When he returns home, the central whistle has long since whistled.

    If that is not love, nothing is.


    This February 14 we could well make an effort. That we can look unnoticed love in the face. The one who walks through the corners of life. Therefore, we can return it.