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    Family Code: consultation on a “small scale”

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    Código de las Familias: consulta a “pequeña escala”

    Residents of District 65, gathered at the Celia Sánchez School. Photos: Katia

    Two doubts on the table was the balance left by the consultation of the Family Code in Circumscription 65, of the Indalecio Montejo Popular Council, in the main city of Ciego de Ávila.

    After repeated readings and clarifications, Deyli González Milián, president of the non-criminal affairs chamber of the Provincial Court, concluded a consultation that 114 voters had to attend and where just over thirty were present.

    At the end of the assembly she led, she shared Invasor's concern: even those present had little participation. "That could be, or because they agree with everything raised and have nothing to modify or add, or because they have not read it," she confessed.

    She supports it in some way because of what she has already seen in three of the 20 consultations that she will have to preside over for the duration of the process. “In the first, only two people intervened, each with two concerns, in the second two others; and now, in this one, the same”.

    Código de las Familias: consulta a “pequeña escala”

    Deyli González Milián (in the foreground), reviews the notes of the three consultations. There haven't been many yet

    On this occasion, one of the doubts thrown into the ring by pointing precisely in the direction of ignorance, since a member of CDR No. 3 wanted to know where to direct his opinion about a document that he still did not have in his hands.

    The other aimed to the order of the surnames (paternal and maternal ones), which in the current version of the Family Code leaves open the possibility of being able to change it, if both parties agree. What happens in the case that the mother later marries another person and they do not want the order of surnames that she had already agreed with her previous husband? Juan Carlos Mateo Ruiz wondered.

    Although it would be clarified at that moment, Deyli confesses that in the three meetings that she has led, most of the opinions have been favorable and have focused on the benefits of extending the custody and care of minors to close relatives, such as grandparents and uncles, and in solidarity gestation, as a possibility to help others.