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    Civil Aviation Worker's Day: Piloting in the storm (+ Photos)

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    Día del Trabajador de la Aviación Civil: Pilotear en la tempestad (+ Fotos)

    Keeping it beautiful is a permanent commitment of the collective of the Cayo Coco air terminal. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

    If they were able to recover in record time­, together with the builders, the facility that Hurricane Irma shattered in 2017, it was evident that the Jardines del Rey international airport in Cayo Coco could neutralize COVID-19 with compliance of health protocols.

    Mercedes Díaz Pérez is the leader of a group with a powerful fuselage to ­pilot its management despite the storms at that aerodrome, located in the north of the province of Ciego de Ávila. Besides, she does not forget the moment in which she received the Labor Prowess Flag presented by Ulises Guilarte De Nacimiento, a member of ­the Party's Political Bureau and general secretary of the Cuban Workers' Confederation.“ We revived the aeronautical services in 53 days into the recovery stage, so Ulises told us in that ­ceremony that we had fulfilled with honor. Of course, after this feat we have accomplished other feats”, the general secretary of the union bureau with 14 base sections and 262 affiliates affirms.

    Día del Trabajador de la Aviación Civil: Pilotear en la tempestad (+ Fotos)

    Preserve the health of workers and visitors. Photo: Yadixis Pérez Izquierdo

    “Later, we were the first in the country to reopen the doors to international tourism and we faced a very tense year in 2021 due to the resurgence of COVID-19, but with vitality in the activities because we did not have any epidemiological event in our center.

    “The result was possible due to the discipline in compliance with biosafety measures by ­our workers, those of Customs, Immigration, Cuba Catering, Public Health and phytosanitary surveillance.”

    Landing with priorities

    One of its strengths is having the experienced "pilot" Mario Hernández ­Rivero, general director of the airport base business unit (UEB), which, due to its volume of operations, is the third among the eight of its kind in the country. A category that is surpassed only by those of Havana and Varadero, although in the quality of services and economic efficiency, the one in Ciego de Ávila`s Cay rubs shoulders with its aforementioned counterparts.

    “Last year, we reached 325 million pesos in income, 125 ­million in profits, a cost per peso of 60 cents and productivity above the plan, among other dividends,” Mario says.

    Día del Trabajador de la Aviación Civil: Pilotear en la tempestad (+ Fotos)

    Master of Science Mario Hernández Rivero, general director of the Jardines del Rey Airport Base Business Unit. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

    With omicron pandemic variant, it has been reduced to 23 weekly flights. However, it is forecast that ­by the end of this month the flow of passengers will recover, since Cuba is a preferred destination due to the high levels of vaccination of the population and the guarantee of the facilities of the cays with the most hygienic and sustainable Tourism certificate".

    On board the potentialities

    Deploying all the potentialities in the face of any contingency is a matter of little time. This ­opportunity is based on the solutions applied in matters of import substitution, energy saving, recovery of spare parts and other priority actions framed in 42 papers presented at the 2021 Science and Technology Forum.

    Día del Trabajador de la Aviación Civil: Pilotear en la tempestad (+ Fotos)

    Engineer Sheila Mariam Castro, president of the Gender Committee. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo                                        

    “The staff of this creative movement ­is focused on the continuous improvement of airport services”, Yadixis Pérez Izquierdo, institutional communicator of the UEB, highlights while for the young engineer Sheyla Mariam Castro, "what motivates the most is the healthy work environment and human quality."

    Día del Trabajador de la Aviación Civil: Pilotear en la tempestad (+ Fotos)

    The relief is prepared in qualification courses for airport operations. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo