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    Art instructors, army of culture

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    Instructores de arte, ejército de la cultura

    This February 18, we will be doubly happy when we celebrate the Day of the Art Instructor and remember the imprint of Olga Alonso González. First, for the perseverance and vocation of a guild that has been able to bring joy to communities and launch cultural projects in the most unlikely conditions; and, later, because the José Martí Brigade of Art Instructors in Ciego de Ávila will reach this date with fulfilled work objectives and new projections.

    This is how Jenny Rodríguez Brito, an official of the Brigade's provincial leadership, explains it, in the middle of the debate sessions that accompany the Provincial Council, a work meeting that, every six months, looks closely at the management of the organization.

    “Reviewing the internal life and the functioning of the base structures is fundamental these days, because we know that if things are not going well at that level, little can be done. For this reason, we updated the provincial structure, accredited the municipal presidents and championed the 50th Anniversary Guerrilla. Topics such as the use of social networks, community work and options for improvement will be discussed and we intend that 2022 will mark the beginning of a new stage with better results”.

    The truth is that art instructors have not escaped the complexities of 2021 either; however, community interventions did not stop and reached areas with complex socio-cultural environments; among them, Los Hoyos, in Majagua; Turiguanó, in Morón; and 9 de Abril, in Ciego de Ávila; while they are already planning to visit La Clementina, in the municipality of Baraguá.

    In turn, different projects led by members of the Brigade have captivated and demonstrated how much can be done with commitment and systematic work. In this list are, for example, El Hormiguero, related to locution; Ananá, who digs into audiovisual creation; and Young Guitar, which motivates the little ones with this musical instrument.

    The ranks have also been renewed, because although training has stopped, the salary reform of a few years ago allowed around 200 art instructors to rejoin and assume, without contradiction, the teaching function and that of leading artistic creation processes. Now, 415 teachers make art a common enjoyment.

    There is tremendous strength in the cultural movement that develops around it, because the offer grows and the movement of amateur artists is consolidated, but also because the school and the house of culture are consolidated as centers of the communities and that is well worth it. We are happy to have this army and to enjoy their victories from the audience and out loud.