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    Gradual sale of school uniform will start

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    Iniciará venta paulatina del uniforme escolar

    A few weeks separate us until the end of the school year in Early Childhood and give way to the 2021-2022 period, with a start date of March 14. That is why the Provincial Directorate of Education, together with the Business Group of Commerce, finalizes details to start the sale of the school uniform, in a first stage, to boys and girls in preschool and fifth grades.

    According to Olga Lidia García Suárez, head of the Department of Material Technical Supply in Provincial Education, the proposal is to start on Monday, February 21 in all municipalities, although a videoconference is still pending at the national level next Tuesday, February 22, which will check the process.

    As of Wednesday, she assured, the garments were distributed to Majagua and the provincial capital, and the following destinations would be Chambas, Bolivia and Ciro Redondo, in that order.

    García Suárez emphasized that this schedule could change, since everything depends on the assurance that the province has to comply with it, as well as the indications that both Education and Commerce receive at the national level.

    The sales coupons are already in the 65 units in which they will be sold, Reina Zapata Márquez, a specialist in the Business Group of Commerce, reported.

    She added that two uniforms correspond for each student and in this way, they would add 40,348 ones of those who are insured for Primary Education, 20,328 ones for Basic Secondary, 7,112 ones for students who are studying Professional Technical careers (ETP) and 6,300of them for tenth grade and pedagogical school young pupils.

    As it has already been reported, the new clothing adds some modifications. The uniform skirt in Primary Teaching will not have straps, but buttons, on the side or in the front and a collar is incorporated into the blouse. The boys short will have pockets in the front and the front crease is eliminated.

    In the case of Basic Secondary students, the yellow color in pants and skirts is eliminated, being now blue, like those of Pre-University Education, and the buttons of blouses and shirts will be transparent.

    The Pre-university and Professional Technical educations incorporate other innovations: the females will wear a skirt-short, with two caps, with blue-white buttons, while for the ETP the buttons will be totally blue, and red for the pedagogical schools.

    In search of a greater differentiation, the students of technological, pre-university and pedagogical schools will wear a letterhead on the left sleeve: white for Middle Level technician, light blue for pre-university, and dark blue for pedagogical schools.