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    Reparations in Ciego de Ávila for the good of culture

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    Reparaciones en Ciego de Ávila para el bien de la cultura

    At the beginning of 2022, the hopes that the Avilanian theaters would be repaired were dashed in the face of 12 months that looked as complex as the previous ones; however, the good news reached the social networks on the Internet and since then a comprehensive constructive renovation has been dreamed of, just when we seemed condemned to occasional presentations in alternative spaces.

    This was explained via WhatsApp by Juan German Jones Pedroso, president of the Provincial Council of Performing Arts, on February 4, when Tomás Alexis Venegas, Governor of the territory, and Rodolfo Medero Valdés, provincial director of Culture, visited the theaters of the city header to assess the degree of deterioration and decide on the constructive actions that would be carried out gradually.

    “The Reguero theater, in Morón, will be left in optimal conditions, and the Trapisonda rehearsal room will have a new roof, walls and bathrooms will be fixed, warehouses will be built for the sets, audio booths and it will have new furniture. For its part, the Iriondo will have its roof, electrical system, hydraulic networks, air conditioning repaired and it will be painted”.

    Along the way, the spectrum of actions continued to expand, because the Principal will also have new optional spaces for the public that are already being designed; among them, Los Jardines de Doña Ángela, Café Caminos Teatro and Patio La Yagruma, undoubtedly vital for exchange and to enrich cultural billboards.

    At this point, as it was confirmed by Jones himself on the blog of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, the actions are going at a good pace, since a brigade arrived from Santiago de Cuba to work in the largest coliseum, to which they have joined Performing Arts workers and actors from Caminos Theatre. "The rope for the rig, the necessary water turbine in La Trapisonda and a batch of zinc tiles are already in the province."

    Another of the good news that is part of the efforts to rescue spaces of Avilanian culture from deterioration came with the beginning of the repair of the Nicaraguan cinema, by the Provincial Company for Supply and Services to Education, another debt with the artists and the public, since the building, in addition to being the headquarters of the Concert Band, was thought for many years as the center of an ambitious cultural project that would stimulate the creation and concert melodies. At the moment, work is being done on changing the roof, but the work will have to be more in-depth to achieve the image change that the site needs.

    Although it seems that the final result of the construction and assembly investment that is being carried out in the El Ariete building, the future headquarters of the Roberto Rivas Fraga Provincial Public Library, the only one contemplated in the plans for this sector in the last years; from the Provincial Directorate of Culture, more repair and maintenance actions are planned that will restore vitality to various work objects.

    According to statements by Medero Valdés, in 2022 work will be carried out, basically, on the Center for the Improvement of Culture, the Ñola Sahig Saínz Elementary Art School and the Pedro Martínez Brito Birthplace, without ruling out that with the support of the municipal governments can carry out other equally necessary repairs, but postponed due to lack of funding and resources.

    There are at least two lessons that derive from this transformative movement that we are experiencing today in Ciego de Ávila: first, that when you want, you can, and then, that stopping deterioration in time is always easier and cheaper.