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    Baraguá wins emulation of the Federation of Cuban Women

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    Gana Baraguá emulación de la Federación de Mujeres Cubanas

    It does not matter that days separate us from the beginning of March so that the women of Ciego de Ávila already feel the enthusiasm of International Women's Day, even when the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) officially begins its day of celebrations the next day 24.

    The greatest exaltation comes from the hand of Odelsys Valcárcel Pérez, general secretary of the organization in Ciego de Ávila, who assures that, although the winning territory of the national headquarters of the celebrations is still unknown, the truth is that our province has all the points in their favor to achieve this merit or, at least, be among the first in the emulation.

    It is already known that at the provincial level, Baraguá is the municipality that has worked best to win first place in allegorical stimulation to date, followed by Florencia, Bolivia and Chambas.

    To reach this conclusion, Valcárcel Pérez explains, a series of indicators are taken into account, including the link to the confrontation of COVID-19, the promotion of women to management positions, the incorporation of new young women into the organization and the general percentage integration into the ranks.

    Precisely, Baraguá fulfilled all these parameters and others of an economic profile, which is why only the 12,575 women that make up this "battalion", with Damarys Ulloa Granado at the head, know of the actions that within this space of Ciego de Ávila geography made in the last year to achieve what was already a goal.

    This 2022, the FMC will dedicate March 8 to the 60th Anniversary of the Union of Young Communists and the centenary of the University Student Federation. The previous day of activities will also serve as a call to mass organizations to revitalize action from the base, involving young women in the tasks they are developing today.