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    New recreational options

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    Nuevas opciones recreativas

    A new stay service in the facilities that have swimming pools, will be offered from this Friday, Saturday and Sunday by the Directorate of the Provincial Company of Accommodation and service to the Gastronomy in Ciego de Ávila.

    The fact responds to the transformations that the sector executes to improve customer service, as well as to achieve ways that lead to the collection of higher income.

    Juan Carlos Cantero, Deputy Director of the entity, specified that the excursions would initially take place at La Rueda, El Renacer and La Arboleda Motels through requests made to the reservations bureau through the Transfer-mobile system for Enzona payment or personally at the reservation office.

    The official argued that the prices of entry and stay in the pools have a value that ranges between 220 and 230 pesos per person, and includes a lunch.