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    Closing of the school year is arriving in Ciego de Ávila

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    Cierre del curso escolar a las puertas en Ciego de Ávila

    Ciego de Ávila is ready to close the 2020-2021 school year on March 5, in much of the education system in the province, and begin the 2021-2022 period just two days later, on Monday 7, after the COVID-19 epidemic will disrupt the face-to-face teaching-educational process throughout the country.

    Nolberto Roche Noa, provincial deputy director of Education, was so categorical, when Invasor investigated the peculiarities of a time marked by closed schools and empty classrooms. “There was an interruption of more than eight months and it was necessary to readjust the calendar to 16-19 weeks of attendance. Today we are in a position to conclude with success and the objectives fulfilled, as well as with the satisfaction that no transmission event took place in any of our centers”.

    Roche Noa also considered the main indicators of quality and rigor of learning fulfilled, both in the teachings that conclude the school year on March 5 —Sixth grade, Basic Secondary, first to third year of Pedagogical, first and second years of Technical and Professional, and tenth and eleventh of Pre-university—, like those that will finish a week later.

    In this case are early childhood and grades from first to fifth of Primary and Special, which will conclude the school period on March 11 and will return to the classroom on Monday 14, already in a new course. That day the province will have more than 66,000 students in the school network.

    “It really has been a challenge for the faculty to bring the two processes together; that is to say, while they are closing one period they are preparing the other, without the two months of vacation that is customary to have”, he specified. Also from the organizational point of view, in ensuring the material base and living conditions in schools.

    Regarding the granting of continuity of study for ninth grade graduates, the provincial deputy director of Education said that since the middle of this month the placement assemblies have been held. In a general sense, he assures, the results have been better, in terms of the number of students who do not agree with the given option.

    “It is important that both families and students become aware that continuing education in Pre-university or Technical and Professional education depends on the individual abilities of each adolescent”, added Nolberto Roche, reaffirming that, at present, there are more places than enrollment , therefore, no one will be left without continuity of studies.In relation to teaching coverage, the manager recognized the contribution of the Pedagogical schools in the stability of the faculty, which has allowed the province to "breathe", after a decade in which the exodus of teachers was a daily concern. In addition, it has been possible, among other factors, because the training centers have improved their efficiency indicators, that is, the number of graduates compared to the initial enrollment.

    The 2021-2022 school year will begin, as we said, between March 5 and 14 for all teachings and will close in December (with vacations in July and August). In January of next year, the 2022-2023 school year would begin and end in June-July. In this way, by September 2023 the teaching calendar will have been adjusted.