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    Ignacio Ramonet: situation in Ukraine had a diplomatic solution

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    Ignacio Ramonet: situación en Ucrania tenía una solución diplomática

    The Spanish journalist and writer Ignacio Ramonet indicated this Thursday that the current situation in Eastern Europe could be avoided through a diplomatic solution between the parties. In an exclusive interview with the president of the teleSUR information multiplatform, Ramonet affirmed that the crisis in Ukraine and Russia could be evaded, after President Vladimir Putin reiterated on several occasions that his request was to guarantee the security of his country.

    "This situation was avoidable; you have to say things as they are (...) What Putin has insistently demanded is that Russia be guaranteed that Ukraine will not be part of NATO. In other words, that it be guarantee the Russian Federation that they will not reach the territory of Ukraine, the border with Russia, nuclear weapons that will endanger the security of Russia," he said.

    Ramonet commented that this date, when the Russian president announced a special military operation to defend the population located in the Donbas region, "marks the world's entry into a new geopolitical age. We are in an absolutely new situation, since World War II There had never been a warlike event as important as this one".

    Ignacio Ramonet: situación en Ucrania tenía una solución diplomática

    On the other hand, he explained that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has proposed the installation of weapons in different nations to "guarantee" their security, but "that endangers the security of other countries, in particular Russia. This it was preventable; Putin has repeated it and told the different heads of state and prime ministers, yes, let's sit around a table".

    "In the response that Russian diplomacy gave to NATO, it was clearly specified, let us sign a document in which NATO undertakes not to extend to Ukraine or install weapons, especially nuclear, that could endanger Russian security. Why what has not been done? It is a mystery. Many observers in the world consider that it was an option, diplomacy had the possibility of imposing itself," said the Spanish journalist.

    "Putin has been demanding for quite some time what we have said before, a guarantee for his security, they have not given it to him. He also asked that the Russian-speaking populations in Donbas be protected. They have not been guaranteed either," he recalled.

    Minsk agreements.

    The Spanish journalist addressed that "in the Minsk agreement it was stipulated that the republics (Donetsk and Lugansk), now self-proclaimed and recognized by Moscow, would be given ample autonomy by the Kiev authorities, and this was not carried out autonomy".

    In addition, he recalled that the conflict that has been going on in that region for eight years has left some 14,000 dead. "There is no doubt that there are elements of exasperation in the Russian authorities, and the leaders of the United States (US) and NATO have failed to respond."

    Ramonet reiterated that guarantees were only requested for the security of the territory, but this could not be achieved due to the refusal of NATO and the US president, Joe Biden, to sign an agreement that would establish them.

    US Interest.

    "For Biden, this conflict may be a distraction from his situation of mediocrity as a ruler. A situation in which, in foreign policy, he has only known a series of setbacks, such as the withdrawal in Kabul, ending the war in Afghanistan," commented the Spanish writer.

    Ignacio Ramonet: situación en Ucrania tenía una solución diplomática

    Likewise, he stated that in terms of internal politics, "everyone knows that the United States is in a situation in which inequalities have been unleashed, as well as violence and crime, inflation has grown; that may be the reason not to commit to avoiding a war that was seen coming".

    "I don't think we can applaud the unleashing of a war. The world doesn't need open conflicts like this on a large scale," he declared.He also warned that the situation in Eastern Europe "is going to have consequences for the entire world and for the coming years."

    "On the part of NATO and the United States, they have not given peace, negotiation and diplomacy the chance to find a situation for this problem, and this problem had a diplomatic solution."