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    First Business Round with New Economic Actors Held in Ciego de Ávila

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    Efectúan en Ciego de Ávila Primera Ronda de Negocios con Nuevos Actores Económicos

    The First Round of Business and Opportunities with New Economic Actors in Retail Marketing in Ciego de Ávila took place this Friday at the Patio de Artex Cultural Complex.

    The network of stores of Cimex, TRD Caribe, Caracol and Artex Artistic and Literary Promotions participated in this first meeting, according to Víctor Delgado Ramírez, Head of the Territorial Development Management Group of the Government in Ciego de Ávila.

    New private, state and mixed economic actors presented their offers, which in their entirety substitute imports and favor the productive chain.

    By initiative of the Government in Ciego de Ávila, such a meeting ponders the strategies of territorial and national development from the municipal autonomy, which is endorsed in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.