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    Ciego de Avila vs. COVID-19: the plateau is consolidated

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    Ciego de Ávila vs. COVID-19: se consolida la meseta

    The decline in the incidence of COVID-19 in Ciego de Ávila is sustained and there is no better news for a province stung by the epidemic, which paid the highest price for its effects. The numbers are falling; there are reasons to trust their stability.

    All this without neglecting or underestimating the adaptive power of the virus and the chances that a new mutation will put us, as a province, country, region or planet, once again on the ropes. In fact, much of this world still cannot breathe a sigh of relief, as we are doing now.

    The decrease in Ciego de Ávila began at the end of January, and it seems like a long time ago, but that is not right, we are talking about less than a month. So let us stay wise, while the daily average of positive indigenous cases continues to decline.

    After the sharp increase caused by the end of the year of visits from abroad and unfulfilled measures —which left a balance of 4,760 cases in January, the highest after July-August-September 2021—, February is managing to stabilize the incidence in figures, let's say, "manageable", if we say that at the end of the 25th 2,467 had been computed, almost half of the previous month (and even so the sixth figure in two years of epidemic).

    In other words, manageable is relative. It means that the health services are not collapsed and no emergency measures have had to be adopted. However, the plateau is occurring with averages above 50 cases, also in the week that is ending (61 until Friday). The data is even more relevant because, in the national context, we continue to be one of the five provinces with the most natives per day.

    The other data to consider in times when vaccination is advancing, as well as reinforcement, is the number of deaths. Until Wednesday, 12 were counted in the month, a figure that equals the daily average for other causes in the territory. In addition, they are only two less than in all of January, with 31 days and a higher incidence.

    We reiterate, then, the warning that we have been publishing from the beginning: no decrease, no perception that everything is back to normal, even no measure that confirms it, should make us believe that COVID-19 is extinct or that it has degenerated into a cold. seasonal. Let's remember that even seasonal colds kill.