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    Accountable Board of Directors in Majagua

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    Rinde cuenta Consejo de la Administración en Majagua

    The accountability of the Administration Council before the ordinary session number 27 of the XVII mandate of the People's Power led in Majagua to generate the main interventions by the representatives of the people.

    In the meeting that was attended by Misleydi Abad Modey, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, among other leaders, the presentation of the report by Mariela González Hayes, mayor of the territory, gave way to analytical interventions.

    In this sense, aspects related to the collection of food in the fields, the constant increase in prices, the ill-advised action of directors of some entities of giving as fulfilled agreements without executing and the claim to managers to air the claims of the voters were discussed at base level.

    The occasion was also opportune to evaluate the progress of the Integrated Community work at a time when the territory is getting ready with significant results for the realization of its municipal event, and Medrado José Sánchez García was approved to occupy the position of coordinator of programs and objectives in the constructive activity.

    Abad Modey called for joint efforts to improve the territory and announced, among other immediate perspectives, the supply of water for irrigation from the Zaza-Ciego de Ávila transfer channel in southern areas of this territory and the opening of new sources of income through the increase in local development projects.