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    Cepil celebrates Light Industry Worker's Day

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    Cepil celebra Día del Trabajador de la Industria Ligera

    Four workers were decorated for their relevant career for more than 20 years in Brush. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

    The group of the Company of Brushes and Plastic Articles (CEPIL) of Ciego de Ávila, held a special morning tribute for March 1, Light Industry Worker's Day.

    In the activity, Verania Hernández Peláez, Heroine of Labor of the Republic of Cuba, deserved a special recognition granted by the leadership of the Ciego de Ávila trade union movement on the occasion of the event for March 8, International Women's Day.

    For her part, Ismany Hernández Sarduy, general secretary of the Provincial Bureau of the Industrial Workers Union, encouraged Idalia de la Caridad Bravo Rodríguez, Ana Ivis Bermudez Suárez, Mailin Alonso Serrano and Nila Pérez López, who received the José Ramón Martínez Álvarez medal , having a relevant work history for more than 20 years in the Cepil Company.

    Cepil celebra Día del Trabajador de la Industria Ligera

    Work Heroine Verania Hernández Peláez was stimulated on the eve of March 8, International Women's Day. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

    Hernández Sarduy read a congratulatory letter signed by the national directorates of the Gempil Business Group, the Union and the Ministry of Industries, in whose message it is called to increase productivity, efficiency, quality, import substitution, exports and the fulfillment of the prioritized programs of the Revolution.

    It was learned in the special morning that the only Cuban company dedicated to the manufacture of hygiene and household supplies, located in the city of Ciego de Ávila, fulfilled 125% of the commercial production plan in 2020, and has a growth of the demand this year for cleaning instruments, containers, items for baskets and other items.