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    Family Code: with new opportunities

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    Código de las Familias: con nuevas oportunidades

    For the voters of District 8, of Zone 10, in the Western Popular Council of Morón, the changes that led to the current Family Code Project were correct and necessary. That could be interpreted from a popular consultation where there were no interventions.

    The meeting began at eight o'clock at night, led by Carlos Herrera Gallardo, a jurist from Morón, who referred to the introduction of the concept of Parental Responsibility. It replaces and expands the scope of Parental Authority; the voluntary marriage union between two persons of the same sex; the right of older adults to claim and receive Food (understood as not only pension and food, but also care).

    Likewise, he explained what is related to assisted reproduction through surrogacy; protection against discrimination and family violence; and fair separation of property in case of divorce. Similarly, he stressed that these changes are also new opportunities for people.

    In the absence of doubts or approaches, Herrera Gallardo said that, after that moment of consultation, voters have the right to submit possible proposals for modification, addition or deletion to the Municipal Electoral Commission.

    The same thing happened in District 22 of Zone 24, to the south of the municipality. Juan Ridel Prieto Claro, president of the Electoral Commission in the municipality, chaired the meeting. In addition, Lorenzo Fernández Martínez, delegate of the District, Cristina Pérez Osoria, president of the Commission and Saily Peña Bentosa, secretary of the electoral body were present too.

    The possibility that the children have the mother's surname as their first surname, without affecting hereditary rights and always by mutual agreement was among the topics of the consultation. Likewise, matters related to the protection of minors in the digital environment, progressive autonomy in minors and the right of children over 12 years of age to make wills were clarified.

    Guillermo Castellanos Suárez, a resident of Zone 24, expressed that it is a fair code and Olga Lidia Morales Vázquez highlighted her total agreement to the marriage between two people of the same sex, since she considers that all people have the same rights.

    Even when the consultations of the Family Code are in their fifth week of analysis, the population still has a lot to analyze about the new changes, since there are those who do not know what the document stipulates.