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    Neither flowers nor angels, women

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    Ni flores ni ángeles, mujeronas

    It is not great that someone comes to tell us "congratulations" this morning because that's what the calendar dictates, and that when one, clueless, asks why, they answer that because we are "beautiful flowers and we give life and we are the heart of the home".

    We are Cubans, ladies and gentlemen, and we have long since overcome that. It would be more accurate to say that we are science doctors, taxi drivers, responsible mothers, judokas, writers, teachers, cooks... We are out half the day, we chase viruses, harvest vegetables or teach equations, and we have many more pending than being the heart of the home.

    We wear our hearts. When we have to work double or triple (at home, at work and at school) to achieve a scientific degree; when we go to work outside the province and the country, always thinking of the offspring. Even when we are not what is expected of us, we always arrive at night and it is dad who takes care of the warmth of the home.

    Because, luckily, we have understood that from the concept of "giving life", only gestating, giving birth and breastfeeding are our exclusive missions: clothing, healing scrapes and helping with schoolwork are family things.

    It is costing us to give up exclusivity, but we are learning it. We no longer need to be superwomen: mothers, workers, wives, daughters... to feel powerful. Strong and "Marianas" we are the same housewives, without children, single... The same fat, skinny, without makeup, with short skirts, with sneakers.

    Moreover, happier when among all the loads we can also be ourselves, only women, occasionally friends, and even girls. A little selfish and a little carefree. When others understand that sometimes that title of wonder woman weighs; and the boss respects family time, and dad changes diapers and watches over fevers.

    Then I imagine the compliments among ourselves. "Congratulations on your Master's degree." "Congratulations, because your children are good people." But also: "Congratulations on how smart you are", "for going for a walk with your friends", "for always saying what you think", "for dressing as you see fit", "for divorcing someone who didn't make you happy”, “for loving yourself, for inspiring me, for being you, without stereotypes”.