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    Letters in the city of Morón

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    Letras en la ciudad de Morón

    “Letters in the city”, name of the Saturday book space in the city of Morón, began this March 12, accompanied by various options and with the aim of establishing itself as one of the main cultural events in the town.

    In a press conference, the organizing committee informed that it will take place weekly and, every three months, it will reach greater connotation when, to the sales and presentations of texts, children's shows, concerts, theatrical presentations and other activities with artists from the region are incorporated.

    For the contributions to the promotion of literature and local culture, the inaugural session will be dedicated to the 109th anniversary of the founding of "La Moderna Poesía" Bookstore and the figure of Nancy Brito Ramos, founder of the Sergio Antuña library who, despite her retirement, she remains active in the world of books.

    Letras en la ciudad de Morón

    The Morón`s library will host the traditional "Barcas de Cristal" space, in a special edition, with the presence of Larry Morales, writer, researcher and president of the Nicolás Guillén Foundation, and Yamila Tomasa Ferrá Gómez, poet and educator.

    Alfredo Fernández Arcia, member of the organizing committee, pointed out that at 2:00 pm, in the Clotilde Agüero showroom, of the local bookstore, the Enfoque segment will take place; and an hour later, the park located in front of the Morón Restaurant will host “Virtual Park”, a musical project by the Haydée Santamaría House of Culture.

    Letras en la ciudad de Morón

    The Saturday of the book, he said, proposes a tribute event to personalities of culture and education, which will feature performances by Lucy Safont, Lázaro Rojas, the "DeTrova" Musical Trio and Amílkar Salgado, all local artists, mostly linked to the Hermanos Saíz Association.

    At the end of this activity, a concert will be held that will close "a luxury day for the so-called Rooster City, with which it is intended to rescue authentic values ​​of local culture, give new spaces to its most genuine representatives and promote healthy recreation in different population segments.

    Numerous sectors integrate efforts to develop this activity, including the Municipal Directorate of Education, interested in adding students and teachers from different educational institutions and members of the "José Martí" Brigade of Art Instructors to highlight their performance.