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    Polichinela promotes the first theatrical event for adolescents and young people

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    Promueve Polichinela primera jornada teatral para adolescentes y jóvenes

    The first theatrical event for adolescents and young people, Somos Abril by Guiñol Polichinela, will take place in Ciego de Ávila from March 15 to 19.

    It is the realization of a dream of Yosvany Abril Figueroa, who also ponders the teenage and young audience as the target segment of Polichinela without abandoning the puppet line for children.

    In addition to the tribute to Yosvani Abril Figueroa, the first experience of Puppet Theater for adolescents and young people is also dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Remedios Fidel Galbá´s Guiñol.

    The theoretical spaces as well as the practical workshops will be at the Barquito Cafe of the Hermanos Saíz in Ciego de Ávila Association, including talks with specialists and guests.

    The staging for pubescent and young people will be itinerant both in the House of the Young Creator and in the José Sirio Inda Hernández House of Culture and in the Ñola Sahíg Saínz Vocational School of Art.

    Representatives from the Remedios and Guantánamo puppet theaters, as well as art instructors from the José Martí Brigade, participate in the first theatrical event Somos Abril for adolescents and young people in Ciego de Ávila.