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    Atypical course for Upper Secondary level in Ciego de Ávila

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    Curso atípico para nivel Medio Superior en Ciego de Ávila

    According to Lázaro Padrón Pereira, general director of Upper Secondary Education in the province, the tenth and twelfth grades of Pre-university will work on the main subjects during the six shifts of the morning session, while the eleventh will do so in the afternoon. Complementary activities will be scheduled in the opposite sessions.

    “In educational institutions where conditions allow it, complying with sanitary hygienic measures, all three grades can be worked on simultaneously.”

    Enrollment for education is 4,231 students in Pre-university, and 7,980 in Technical and Professional, in modalities such as Qualified Worker, Middle Technician, Pedagogical Training, among others.

    The material base of study (books, pencils, notebooks) and life (food, etc.) have no problems, according to Padrón Pereira.

    However, teacher coverage is indeed a matter of concern. It covers only 90.45 % in Pre-university. The need is covered with hourly contracts, increased teaching load and other alternatives. Meanwhile, Technical and Professional Education needs to cover 90 places.