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    Misfortune Park

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    Parque de la desdicha

    There are projects that never find their moment of grace, and this certainty shapes the history of the children's installation located in the City Park and crowned with giant figures of Elpidio Valdés and Captain Plin, which were luxury and exclusivity in the design of the space.

    When it was revived in 2017, it seemed that it would never again fall into stagnation and abandonment, but we were wrong. In fact, its fate seemed cast when the entire complex fell apart, the star did not turn again due to lack of parts, and the distance that separated it from the center of the city became more and more evident for the parents who arrived at walk with the little ones and ended up preferring the zoo.

    At this point, the deterioration of the park is no longer news, but the vandalism and impudence that lie in wait for it continue to amaze, since in recent months the theft, in broad daylight, of parts and pieces of equipment that are still there.

    With a piece of zinc today, tomorrow some nuts, then a strap... they have been dismantling and loading the park; even a few weeks ago a colleague put his finger on the problem with his experience lived "in his own flesh". At 3:00 in the afternoon, he was passing by and called the police, when he discovered an impassive individual who was hammering, loosening and then throwing it into a sack.

    It was enough to ask to know that even the custodians who guarded it were stoned by criminals, shortly before the site was definitely left without any protection. From then to now, the deterioration and violations have only gotten worse in everyone's eyes.

    As responsible for what happens there, we could name the Community Services Budget Unit of the main municipality; although the truth is that, the will does not work miracles and for a long time the administration of this place has escaped its possibilities, especially with regard to equipment maintenance and replacement of parts.

    Therefore, it is not absurd to think that support and timely decisions have also been lacking at another level of competition, in order to keep it vital.

    We are talking not only about painting and basic care in green areas, but also about guaranteeing basic technical and safety standards in mechanical equipment of this type, as well as bearings, screws, ball boxes, cloches, chains and belts, in a in which the national industry does not have any production line to supply "modules" for parks. How the self-employed, who move from carnival to carnival, do it, I guess it is a mystery.

    That the desire to change the image of the city forces us to dream of a park on every corner is, to say the least, fatuous enthusiasm; however, it is even worse to build today to not give maintenance tomorrow or, what is the same, that viable and sustainable projects are not designed. In each battered work ─there are not a few examples─ there is a material and moral cost that we should not allow ourselves.

    It is clear that reviving the place is probably more expensive than building another more central and functional facility; For this reason, the good news is that the figures of Captain Plin and Elpidio Valdés already rest safely on the boulevard, between La Cremería and the Young Creator House.

    This space is supposed to be revitalized to achieve a new park, to settle debts and calm desires. It would be necessary, now, to dismantle what remains in the City Park, before it is too late.