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    Facts associated with the irregular trafficking of Cuban migrants in Mexico

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    Hechos asociados al tráfico irregular de migrantes cubanos en México

    A note from the Cuban Embassy in Mexico indicates that in the states of Veracruz and Monterrey there were two tragic events associated with the irregular smuggling of migrants.

    Three people died and 16 injured ones were the balance of a car accident involving Cuban and Nicaraguan emigrants in the Mexican state of Veracruz, when the vehicle in which they were traveling overturned, presumably due to excessive speed.

    According to the Mexican newspaper Excelsior, the deceased are a man, a woman and a minor, all Cubans, and there are also 16 other people with injuries, who are being treated at the hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Cosamaloapan.

    The newspaper note indicates that the whereabouts of the driver of the van with a license plate from the state of Puebla and the fate of the passengers are unknown.

    Nevertheless, an official statement from the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the United Mexican States reported that in the last 24 hours in the states of Veracruz and Monterrey there have been two tragic events associated with the irregular smuggling of migrants; with the unfortunate result of fatalities and other injuries.

    “Regarding the events, our diplomatic mission reports that it is in constant communication with the competent authorities and takes steps to contact the families of the victims in Cuba and abroad, as well as provide support and required consular assistance to our nationals involved in these unfortunate events.

    "As it has been a tradition, Cuba advocates legal, safe and orderly migration that avoids harm and damage to human lives," the official note concludes.

    The Veracruz e-Consult portal published the names of the injured, which we reproduce now. Note the presence of four minors.

    1.- Lisandra Martínez Montiaguelo, 23 years old.

    2.- Magdiel Fernández Águila, 21 years old.

    3.- Osvaldo Pérez Ramos, 55 years old.

    4.- Aile Díaz Díaz, 25 years old.

    5.- Alfredo Martín Ariad, 33 years old.

    6.- Antoni Savina López, 17 years old.

    7.- Lien López Suárez, 50 years old.

    8- Christofer Leo Martín Orduña, 9 years old.

    9.- Aranely Orduña Ramírez, 21 years old.

    10.-Jaime Antonio Espinoza Martorell, 32 years old.

    11.- Lien López Suárez, 50 years old.

    12.- Magdiel Hernández, 21 years old.

    13.-Arisnae Orduña Aguilera, 32 years old.

    14.- Christer Fabián Martín Orduña, 6 years old.

    15.- Leo Martín Orduña, 9 years old.

    Meanwhile, in Monclova, state of Monterrey, on March 15, "102 foreigners traveling in an irregular migratory situation were detected by security corporations in two different operations and made available to the National Migration Institute (INM)," the newspaper The Herald of Saltillo said.

    According to the INM publication, the rescue of 64 migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and Guatemala was confirmed, on highway 53—Monclova-Monterrey—, in Carlos Salinas, municipality of Castaños, who were traveling in two van-type vehicles.

    “This is the third time that migrants in transit have been detected in a week and a half, the first two cases in trailer boxes where they were traveling overcrowded and with insufficient oxygen, which led to hospitalization of some and a balance of two people deceased”.

    Just on March 13, another 82 Cuban migrants were rescued from a trailer; 42 men, 28 women and 12 minors, who showed signs of dehydration, reported the Monclova newspaper La Prensa. Another note from the newspaper itself indicates that a week earlier, on March 5, another group of more than 200 migrants was abandoned, locked in the box of a trailer in Monclova, when they were heading to the United States.

    At the beginning of the year, Ernesto Soberón, director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "the non-compliance by the United States government with the migratory agreements between the two countries, its actions to hinder direct travel and the reinforcement of the economic blockade encourages illegal migration”.