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    Call for May 1st, 2022

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    Convocatoria al Primero de Mayo 2022

    Cuban Worker Central and its National Unions summon all our people to a massive day of mobilization to celebrate International Workers' Day, presided over by the motto Cuba Lives and Works, an expression of the firm and unconditional decision to continue consolidating our Economic-Social Model of Socialist Development.

    We will celebrate this May 1st immersed in the battle for economic efficiency, promoting the production and diversification of goods and services, the result of the recovery of the activity levels of our industries, together with the linkage with the new actors in the economy. This will help reduce inflation and recover the purchasing power of wages and pensions.

    The festival of the world proletariat will have as a renewed stage the combative parades, concentrations and acts in squares and towns throughout Cuba. In each of them, we will demand the end of the intensified and genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States government, which constitutes the main obstacle to the development of the country and a flagrant violation of human rights. At the same time, we will reaffirm the decision to defend the Homeland as the greatest honor and supreme duty of every Cuban.


    This celebration will be characterized by the participation of labor groups in support of food production, the sugar harvest, investment programs and transformation in neighborhoods and communities. It will be a scene of patriotism, joy and individual and collective recognition of cutting-edge experiences.

    We will demonstrate our boundless gratitude to Public Health and Science workers for their contribution to preserve the lives of our compatriots in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We will highlight the example and teachings of Lázaro Peña González, Jesús Menéndez Larrondo, José María Pérez, Alfredo López and other labor leaders who identify our unions. They are symbols that represent the high values ​​of the Cuban worker.

    We will raise the flags of solidarity with the international trade union movement and the workers in the world who suffer the impact of the crisis of the capitalist system, the neoliberal policies and their negative effects on the growth of unemployment and the loss of their social benefits.

    Female and male workers:

    This May 1st we will give another forceful demonstration of the indestructible unity of our heroic people and their support for the immense work of equity and justice of the Revolution. We will confirm the commitment made by the Cuban workers with their defense and improvement, demonstrating to the world, once again, our fighting capacity and firm conviction that we will always achieve victory.

    Long live International Workers' Day!

    Long live Fidel and Raúl!

    Ever onward to victory!