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    Audiobook of the new Family Code available at Infomed

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    Audiolibro del nuevo Código de las Familias disponible en Infomed

    The Audiobook of the new Family Code, prepared by a group of journalists and other professionals from various branches inside and outside Cuba, is now available on Infomed.

    This project of voices committed to the dissemination and understanding of the new Family Code converted the new legal norm into audio format, in consultation with the population in Cuba, refers to a note published in that Health portal.

    A total of 51 people made up the group that contributed to the initiative to put sound and intention to the 500 articles of the legal provision, recognized among experts for its modernity and inclusive nature.

    The journalist Yuliet Pérez, one of its organizers, explained to Prensa Latina about the emergence of the idea, from the debates on social networks, where one could see a lack of knowledge, manipulation and instrumentalization of the contents of such a broad document and that brings benefits to so many people.

    Both Yuliet and the photojournalist Claudio Peláez, another of its promoters, were motivated to carry out the project, whose purpose is to get the text to those people who have little time to read its 130 pages or who have little access to the Internet.

    In addition, to supply the print run of more than 500,000 tabloids if the seven million expected participants in the queries are taken into account.

    Rights and duties; reinforced protection for children, adolescents, women and older adults; recognition of all forms of family diversity; cross-cutting treatment of acts of discrimination and violence, among other core issues for the legal treatment of socio-affiliated conflicts in Cuba, are included in the collective readings that today make up a file of some 500 megabytes of information, the journalist said.

    This project now also has a page on Facebook under the name of Yes for the Code, a group on Telegram with the possibility of downloading it, and various media outlets and national platforms promoting its publication, Yuliet Pérez emphasized.

    In the audiobook of the new Family Code, with an inclusive, democratic and non-discriminatory character, one of the voices that can be heard is that of the journalist Abdiel Bermúdez, from the Cuban Television Information System.

    Based on postulates in correspondence with the Constitution of the Republic and with the international treaties endorsed by the Antillean nation, the legal norm under debate in Cuba updates the current provision on family law that dates back to 1975, the note adds.

    According to the National Electoral Council, since the beginning of the consultations, most of the criteria have dealt with marriage, adoption, the order of surnames, parental responsibility, joint gestation or discrimination within the family.