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    Music House in Morón: a dream on the way

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    Casa de la Música en Morón: un sueño en camino

    All the years of abandonment and deterioration that the Apolo cinema theater took on, began to unravel since a group of enthusiasts wanted to convert it into the House of Music.

    The main promoter is Yankiel Delgado, better known as Yankiel DJ, director of the Habana Team Cuba Audiovisual Project. As he told Invasor, the proposal for a House of Music was presented as a local development project (PDL) to the Morón authorities and is awaiting approval.

    While the documentation progresses, the members of Habana Team Cuba, plus a brigade of builders, have begun to hope for a multipurpose cultural center that will promote the enjoyment of popular Cuban dance music. At the same time, they are bringing back to life a movie theater that will celebrate its 104th anniversary on April 6.

    In that century of life, according to the text History of Morón`s Culture, edited by the Municipal Directorate of Culture and which summarized the work of a group of authors, the Apolo had received two repairs: one in 1967 and another in 1985. We are not exaggerating when we say that its condition was awful, even more so after the passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Hardly a shell of a facade that tried to hide years of neglect and ended up becoming a public bathroom and a dilapidated shelter for people with wandering conduct.

    That is why the initiative is worth much more. Yankiel DJ himself is very optimistic on his Internet social networks and has expressed that it is a dream come true.

    If it becomes a PDL, it would be the first with a cultural focus in the municipality, which already has 14 approved and seven in process, Jorge Luis López Rodríguez, a Local Development specialist at the Municipal Administration Council, confirmed.

    Based on the foundation of the project, Music House will have a dance floor and a cafeteria designed to be open 24 hours, which will bear the name of El Caballero del Son, in homage to Adalberto Álvarez.

    Although it is still early to talk about cultural programming, Yankiel Delgado advances some already defined lines, based on the segmentation of the public. Thus, it provides spaces for adolescents and young people, included in the ages of High School to University. One day a week will also be reserved for "elderly".Delgado explained that the financing for the remodeling of the cinema theater is the responsibility of his project, although he has received the support of the municipal and provincial governments, as well as the Union of Young Communists (UJC) of Morón.

    At the same time, and awaiting the completion of the Music House, Yankiel DJ, together with his Havana Team Cuba Audiovisual Project, is touring the province to celebrate the anniversaries of the José Martí Pioneer Organization and the UJC, to be celebrated next April 4.