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    Central bookstore reopens in the city of Ciego de Ávila

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    Reabren céntrica librería de la ciudad de Ciego de Ávila

    It is a fact that the Juan Antonio Márquez bookstore, in the main city of Ciego de Ávila, upon reopening its doors on March 24, after several months of remodeling, will embark on the path to become an athenaeum desired by book lovers and local literature.


    The restructuring of the premises, which began at the end of November of last year, is the result of one of the agreements of the last Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), due to the concerns of Ciego de Ávila writers and the people in general. , which dictated subjecting the facility to a reform process.

    Yanelis Santos Nieves, director of the Provincial Center for Books and Literature (CPLL), explained that the biggest problem was the size, as more space was needed for other artistic and literary promotion activities, hence the main objective of its remodeling.

    “The purpose was to change a lot with the little that we had, so we modified everything inside it. The shelves were changed and with it the division of the bookstore, we placed the copies in a different way, we remodeled the walls that had a lot of humidity, we paint... because it meets all the other requirements: the technical-economic plan and the number of books kept”.

    The hands of the Metas group, the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets, and a self-employed worker were in charge of painting and decorating the walls, and generally improving the situation of this bookstore, which remained for years without being will make any changes to it.

    Among the novelties of the central institution, a small Literary Café will be created, with four tables with four chairs each, where three types of coffee will be offered, so that whoever visits not only comes to buy books, but also has the opportunity to sit, read, dialogue and debate.

    From the morning of this Thursday 24, with the reopening of the Juan Antonio Márquez Bookstore, culture will gain a renewed site for its defense, which is expected to be exercised early as it is one of the venues of the National Meeting of Young Troubadours Trovándote.

    With a vital space to encourage interest in reading, make book presentations, tributes and meetings with figures from the guild; it only remains, and time will bear witness, to put it to good use to place literature and its authors at the top.