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    Greater presence of the domestic market in facilities of Gran Caribe

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    Mayor presencia del mercado interno en instalaciones de Gran Caribe

    With seven hotels in the Jardines del Rey destination, distributed between Coco and Guillermo keys, the representation of the Gran Caribe hotel chain in the province of Ciego de Ávila is committed to a greater presence of the domestic market in its facilities.

    Héctor Roura Gómez, delegate of that hotel group in the territory, highlighted that four hotels (Pullman and Meliá Cayo Coco, Iberostar Daiquirí and Starfish Cayo Guillermo) provide services, with great demand from national tourists, second in the list of main issuing markets.

    The objective, he said, is to increase availability and offers so that Cuban clients can enjoy the facilities and feel satisfied with the services.

    He referred to the use of social networks as a way to promote options for the domestic market, find out their preferences and determine the level of compliance with the care received at the facilities. Roura Gómez stressed that the temporary withdrawal of flights from Russia, as a result of restrictions imposed on that nation due to the war with Ukraine, represented a stagnation in the occupation, however, other markets, such as Canada and Cuba, have been consolidated.

    Mayor presencia del mercado interno en instalaciones de Gran Caribe

    The presence of Argentine clients is also strengthened and the incorporation of a flight from Portugal is expected, through the agency "Soñando Organización de Viajes", with which negotiations were established during the recently concluded International Tourism Fair Lisbon 2022, he declared.

    He expressed his confidence that the 2022 summer season will be superior, therefore, actions continue in hotel facilities to expand capacities and increase the quality of the tourism product.

    Carlos Rubier Pérez Mayea, deputy delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the province, emphasized that despite the temporary loss of the Russian market, Jardines del Rey currently exceeds 6,500 tourists and, gradually, operations are resumed in facilities of all hotel chains.

    Although on the same date in previous years up to 12,000 clients were registered in the northern cays, he considered that the current situation is favorable, taking into account the epidemiological complexities at the international level.

    Mayor presencia del mercado interno en instalaciones de Gran Caribe

    Strict compliance with hygienic-sanitary protocols has an impact on the recovery of the sector by achieving international recognition of Cuba as a safe destination for travelers from various latitudes, he stressed.

    In the progress strategies, alliances are conceived with the new forms of economic management (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed workers and local development projects) to access goods and services that substitute imports and increase quality in customer service.