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    List of regulated products for retail sale are expanded

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    Regulated products are expanded

    Regulated products are expanded

    An agreement of the Government Council in Ciego de Ávila seeks to curb the hoarding, resale and speculation of basic necessities, by including disposable diapers, wet wipes and sanitary pads for retail sale in CUP of the Caribe and CIMEX store chains.

    Aymée García León, commercial manager of CIMEX, and Miguel de León Reyes, commercial specialist of Caribe Stores, explained to the Provincial Distribution Council that in previous days the free sale of these items generated queues, crowds and indiscipline, while verified the subsequent resale at speculative prices.

    "As a whole, we proposed taking the next inventories to the communities and marketing them through the organizational system of the popular councils," García León explained. In this way, products in high demand for a minority segment of the population —this is the case of disposable diapers— will be able to reach those who really need it.

    In this sense, in each territory the databases of the Directorate of Public Health will be reconciled, for the census of pregnant and giving birth women, and those of the Directorate of Labor and Social Security (vulnerable cases), Orlando Díaz Rodríguez, deputy director of Prevention, Assistance and Social Work confirmed.

    The directors of CIMEX and TRD also reported that the retail sale of H. Upman and Popular cigars in CUP is also inserted in the distribution system of the popular councils, where cleaning products were already being sold in a regulated and targeted manner (shampoo, toothpaste, detergent) and food (mainly chicken, sausages and oil).

    When in 2020, COVID-19 and the scarcity of resources combined and "gave birth" disorganized and kilometer-long queues, and the figure of the queuing-reselling people reappeared, each Municipal Administration Council organized sales at the constituency and CDR level. Moreover, although the process has not been free of contradictions and unfavorable opinions, there is consensus that access to essential products is fairer.

    In fact, when distribution through this algorithm was stopped at the beginning of 2021, popular discontent made itself felt and decisions in favor of regulation were put back on track. The main problem, however, continues to be the profound shortage of supplies in stores that operate in national currency.